Literature in State: North Carolina

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"C" Letters 1878 Kenan, Randall Garrett;
Morgan, Robert Ray;
Tourgée, Albion Winegar
"Deliver us from This Cruel War": The Civil War Letters of Lieutenant Joseph J. Hoyle, 55th North Carolina Infantry 2010 9780786447572 Girvan, Jeffrey M.;
Hoyle, Joseph J.
"For All the People" 1966 Crittenden, Charles Christopher
"Gentleman" John Perkins 1920 Scott, William Walter
"The Houses of Peace" 1952 9781258284138 Eller, Ernest McNeill
"I Remember" 1954 Spence, Hersey Everett
"Miss Fay" 1978 Hamrick, Grace Rutledge
"Poor Carolina" 1981 9780807814758 Ekirch, A. Roger
"Sons of God" In The North Carolina Mountains: An Exercise In "Thick Description", The 1977 Wise, Jim
"That I May Know Him": A Personal Testimony 1948 Havner, Vance
"Unpainted Aristocracy", The 1978 Bishir, Catherine Ward
100 Classic Hikes in North Carolina 2007 9781594850547 Miller, Joe
100 Things Duke Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die 2015 9781600789809 Moore, Johnny
100 Things North Carolina Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die 2015 9781600789847 Chansky, Art
100 Years of Caring and Progress in Medicine, Greensboro, 1903-2003 2003 Phillips, Jr., Robert LeRoy
101 Borden Street 2003 9781591295389 Walker, Susan Eileen
101 Glimpses of Nags Head 2009 9781596296077 Downing, Sarah
12 Bones Smokehouse 2018 9780760362693 Heavner, Shane;
King, Angela;
King, Bryan;
Lunsford, Mackensy
13 Terrifying Tales From the North Carolina Piedmont 2007 9780978934200 Rindoks, Leslie B.
1840 Revolutionary Pensioners of Henderson County, North Carolina, The 1996 9780965486507 Helsley, Alexia Jones
1865 Stoneman's Raid Begins: Leave Nothing for the Rebellion to Stand Up, The 2011 9781596298491 Blackwell, Joshua Beau
1865 Stoneman's Raid Ends: Follow Him to the Ends of the Earth, The 2011 9781609493158 Blackwell, Joshua Beau
25th North Carolina Troops in the Civil War, The 2009 9780786439911 Jones, Carroll C.
27 Views of Asheville: A Southern Mountain Town in Prose & Poetry 2012 9780983247524 Neufeld, Rob
27 Views of Chapel Hill: A Southern University Town in Prose & Poetry 2011 9780982077191 Wallace, Daniel
27 Views of Greensboro 2015 9780989609210 Gingher, Marianne
27 Views of Raleigh 2013 9780983247555 Barnhardt, Wilton
27 Views of Wilmington 2015 9780989609234 Rivenbark, Celia
28th North Carolina Infantry, The 2008 9780786431588 Casstevens, Frances Harding
46 days: keeping up with Jennifer Pharr Davis on the Appalachian Trail 2011 9780825306785 Davis, Jennifer Pharr
50 Hikes in the Mountains of North Carolina: Walks and Hikes from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Great Smokies 1995 9780881503050 Williams, Robert Leonard
50 Poems 2004 9781413737660 Hammond, Dr. Barbara
50th Anniversary 1969 Wager, Paul Woodford
519 North Third to 617 Blair 1968 Fox, Jared Copeland
55th North Carolina in the Civil War, The 2006 9780786425204 Girvan, Jeffrey M.
60 Hikes within 60 Miles, Raleigh 2001 9780897323321 Setzer, Lynn
A.K.A. Genius 2013 9780819808301 Haynes, Marilee
Aaron McDuffie Moore: An African American Physician, Educator, and Founder of Durham's Black Wall Street 2020 9781469655857 Hill-Saya, Blake
Aberdeen 2013 9780738598154 Farrell, Robert A.
About Mary 1989 McCurdy, Harold Grier
About Turtles and Things -- Near Fort Caswell 1965
Above the Waterfall 2015 9780062349316 Rash, Ron
Above-All 2007 9781595130471 Stern, Peggy Poe
Abraham Lincoln, A North Carolinian 1925 Coggins, James Caswell
Absolution 2007 9780976096399 Herin, Miriam
Abstract of North Carolina Wills 1910 Grimes, John Bryan
Academy Gothic 2015 9780990353089 Hill, James Tate
ACC Basketball Book of Fame, The 2013 9780895876065 Collins, Dan
ACC Basketball Tournament Classic, The 1981 Barrier, Henry Smith
ACC Basketball Trivia Trip 1984 9780943860039 Barrier, Henry Smith
Accidental Birds of the Carolinas 2011 9781935708308 Hudson, Marjorie
According to Tim 2013 9781938527104 Whealton, Tim
Acorn Plan, The 1988 0393025950 McLaurin, Tim
Acres of Beauty 1936 Tuttle, Louise Jennings
Across the Cotton Patch 1935 Credle, Ellis
Across Fortune’s Tracks 1996 9780807865170 Campbell, Walter E.
Across Two Centuries 2003 Lattimore, Robin Spencer
Activist's Daughter, The 1997 1883523184 Bache, Ellyn
Activities in the Public School 1934 9781469609164 Gustin, Margaret;
Hayes, Margaret Louise
Adam Petty's Heartbeat 2013 9781938101441 Hartsell, Sandra Lee
Ada Decades, The 2017 9781612940854 Martinac, Paula
Addie Clawson 2003 9781877905671 Ebel, Julia Taylor
Adding Value 2001 9781878086884 Cline, Ned
Adeline Desmond 1863 Cobb, Darius
Advancing South, The 1926 Mims, Edwin
Adventure Carolinas 2014 9781469614151 Miller, Joe
Adventure Guide to the Triangle 2005 9780895873125 Dery, Maia
Adventure of a Lifetime 2008 Lattimore, Robin Spencer
Adventures in Pen Land 2008 9780826218179 Gingher, Marianne
Adventures of Molly Whuppie and Other Appalachian Folktales, The 2007 9780807831632 Shelby, Anne Gabbard
Adventures of Spike the Wonder Dog: As told to Bill Boggs, The 2020 9781642933765
Adventures of Tittletom, The 1949 Credle, Ellis
Adventuring 1923 Tupper, Tristram
Afoot in the South 1993 9780895870995 Manning, Phillip
African American Music Trails of Eastern North Carolina, The 2013 9781469610795 Bryan, Sarah Luisa;
Lanier, Michelle;
Patterson, Beverly Bush
African Americans in Early North Carolina 2005 9780865263130 Watson, Alan Douglas
African Americans in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County 1999 9781578640676 Davis, Lenwood G.;
McLaughlin, James H.;
Rice, William J.
African Americans of Davidson County 2010 9780738586281 Lanier, Tonya A.
African Americans of Jackson County: From Slavery to Integration, The 2006 9780975302361 McDonald, Victoria A. Casey
After Dark 1980 9780425071038 Wellman, Manly Wade
After the Good Gay Times 1974 Buttitta, Anthony J.
After Innocence 1955 Fellowes-Gordon, Ian Douglas
After Innocence 1955
After Sherman's March 2007 Weil, Emily Newman
After the War 2000 9780375406836 Adams, Alice Boyd
After Winter Comes Spring 1962 Adams, Beulah
Afternoon Women, The 1966 Werternbaker, Lael Tucker
Against Human Nature 1895 Pool, Maria Louise
Agony Hill 2009 9781438965369 Saltsman, Roger
Agricultural Classification and Evaluation of North Carolina Soils 1934
Agricultural Classification and Evaluation of North Carolina Soils Including the Fertilization of Crops on Soil Groups 1934 Cobb, William Battle;
Mann, Harvey Blount;
Williams, Charles Burgess
Agronomic Farm Practices in Franklin County 1940 Lutz, James Fulton;
Williams, Charles Burgess
Ain't No Bears Out Tonight 2010 9780984613786 Sink, Alice E.
Ain't No River 2001 9781576736289 Foster, Sharon Ewell
Airlie 2001 9780971711204 Block, Susan Taylor
Airwaves Of Zion: Radio Religion In Appalachia 1993 9780870497971 Dorgan, Howard
Alamance 1847 9781161420531 Wiley, Calvin Henderson
Alamance County 1999 9780738500362 Lasley, Jr., William Kerr
Alamance County Economic and Social 1928 Harden, John William
Alas Lucinda! 1932 Baldwin, Seth
Albemarle 2004 9780738516967 Varner, Elizabeith Chantale
Albemarle Annals 1961 Ware, Charles Crossfield
Albert Coates I Know, The 1979 Coates, Gladys Jane Hall
Alex Charles: Dreams in Time 2011 9780615491288 Reynolds, Kim
Alex Charles: The Evening Oak 2010 9780982694510 Reynolds, Kim
Alexander-Davidson Reunion 1911 Sondley, Forster Alexander
Alexandriana 1940 Blythe, William LeGette
Alice in Blunderland 0 Dabbs, Ethel Thomas
All Aboard! 1996 9781566640947 Terrell, Bob
All Angels Cry 1977 9780877160854 Sheppard, Mary Stimson
All the dead Yale men 2013 Nova, Craig
All for the Love of Cassie 1973 9780877160465 Beaman, Joyce Proctor
All I Want to Do is Live: A Collection of Creative Nonfiction 2017 9781939899286 Ramsey, Trace
All the Kingdoms of Earth 1956 Norris, Hoke Marion
All Saints Episcopal Mission 2010 Covington, Jr., Howard E.
All the Songs We Sing 2020 9781949467338
All the Songs We Sing 2020 9781949467338 Green, Jaki Shelton;
Moore, Lenard Duane;
Smith, Crystal Simone
All We Know of Heaven 1999 9781889199016 Bridgers, Sue Ellen
Alma 1983 Byer, Kathryn Stripling
Alma's Prayer 2012 9781457513626 Heffner, Robert
Alone 2007 9780977409617 Judge, K. Allen
Along the Appalachian Trail 2012 9780738591032 Adkins, Leonard M.
Along the Blue Ridge Parkway 1997 9781565792302 Humphries, George;
Jolley, Harley E.
Along the Cape Fear 1998 9780738567402 Block, Susan Taylor
Along Freedom Road 1994 9780807844373 Cecelski, David S.
Alphabet of Grace 1994 9780060611798 Sullivan, Charles
Altapass 2005 9780738517711 Carson, Judy;
McKinney, Terry Hughes
Altered Environments 2010 9781570039232 Pompe, Jeffrey J.;
Pompe, Kathleen
Alto Wore Tweed, The 2004 9780972121125 Schweizer, Mark
Alumnae Miscellany 1942 Hall, Alonzo Cleveland
Alumni History of the University of North Carolina 1924 Grant, Daniel Lindsey
Always Broken Plates of Mountains, The 2012 9781935536192 McLarney, Rose
Amanda 1995 9780553592726 Hooper, Kay
Amazing Place: What North Carolina Means to Writers 2015 9781469622392 Gingher, Marianne
Ambivalent Churchmen and Evangelical Churchwomen 1993 9780585321332 Rankin, Jr., Richard E.
American Gold 1979 9780380436798 Seeman, Ernest
American Indian in North Carolina, The 1947 9780895870667 Rights, Douglas L.
American Indians in North Carolina 1999 9781891026010 Ross, Thomas E.
American Nights' Entertainments 1860 Greene, Talbot
American Subversive 2010 9781439157053 Goodwillie, David
American Vampires 2012 9781601632296 Curran, Bob
Americana Rural 2012 9781936138500 Dillingham, Nancy
Amethyst Dreams 1997 9780449226186 Whitney, Phyllis Ayame
Among the Believers 2000 9781604542240 Rash, Ron
Among the Dead 2018 9781683317296 Backlund, J.R.
Among the Pines 1862 Gilmore, James Roberts
Amphibians & Reptiles of the Carolinas and Virginia 2010 9780807871126 Beane, Jeffrey C.;
Braswell, Alvin L.;
Harrison III, Julian R.;
Mitchell, Joseph C.;
Palmer, William M.
An Abbreviated Sketch: Colonial Brunswick and Wilmington 2000 Wyche, Blonnie Bunn
An Abundance of Curiosities: The Natural History of North Carolina's Coastal Plain 2022 9780820361765 Parnell, James F.
An Account of the Cape Fear Country, 1731 1922 Meredith, Hugh
An Address on the Revolutionary History of Chatham County 1894 London, Henry Armand
An American Trilogy 2009 9780306814754 Wise, Steven M.
An Appalachian Tragedy 1998 9780871569769 Ayers, Harvard G.
An Archaeological Survey of Burke County North Carolina 1976 Clark, Larry Richard
An Ear to Myself 1996 Swalin, Martha Maxine McMahon
An Endless Tapestry 2007 9781596610750 Duncan, Julia Nunnally
An Evening at Monticello 1978 Gill, Edwin Maurice
An Ever-Fixed Mark 2007 9781424141067 Strunk, Jr., Orlo C.
An Historical Sketch of Camden County 1962 Pugh, Jesse Forbes
An Honorable Man 2011 9781595130457 Stern, Peggy Poe
An Ice Cold Grave 2007 9780425217290 Harris, Charlaine
An Illustrated Guide to the Benthic Marine Algae of Coastal North Carolina 1980 9780807840634 Kapraun, Donald F.
An Illustrated Guide to Ghosts and Mysterious Occurrences in the Old North State 1959
An Illustrated Guide to Ghosts and Mysterious Occurrences in the Old North State 1959 Roberts-Brown, Nancy Correll
An Inch of Snow 1964 Cobb, William Edward
An Independent People 1983 9780807815502 Watson, Harry L.
An Independent Profession 2012 9780983893615 Covington, Jr., Howard E.;
Ellis, Marion Arthur
An Independent Spirit 2002 9781928556350 Smith, Donna Campbell
An Independent Spirit (2nd ed.) 2013 1928556353 Smith, Donna Campbell
An Index to North Carolina Newspapers 1992 9780865262539 Watson, Alan Douglas
An Inventory of Edgemont and East Durham: Early Textile Mill Villages 1980 Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
An Inventory of Historic Architecture, Caswell County, North Carolina 1979 Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
An Inventory of Historic Architecture, Greensboro, N.C. 1976 Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
An Inventory of Historic Architecture, Iredell County, North Carolina 1978 Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
An Inventory of Natural Areas and Wildlife Habitats of Chatham County, North Carolina 1992 Hall, Stephen P.
An Inventory of Natural Areas and Wildlife Habitats of Orange County, North Carolina 1988 Hall, Stephen P.;
Sather, James Dawson
An Inventory of the Natural Areas of Dare County, North Carolina 2014 Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of the Natural Areas of Tyrrell County, North Carolina 2014 Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas in Johnston County, North Carolina 2001 LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas in Wake County, North Carolina 2003 LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of the Significant Natural Areas of Anson County, North Carolina 2011 Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas of Caswell County, North Carolina 2011 LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of the Significant Natural Areas of Harnett County, North Carolina 2007 Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of the Significant Natural Areas of Hoke County, North Carolina 2004 Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas of Person County, North Carolina 2007 LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas of Robeson County, North Carolina 2009 LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of Significant Natural Areas of Scotland County, North Carolina 2005 LeGrand Jr., Harry E.
An Inventory of the Significant Natural Areas of Stanly County, North Carolina 2011 Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Inventory of the Significant Natural Areas of Union County, North Carolina 2012 Sorrie, Bruce A.
An Old Salem Christmas, 1840 2008 9781933251462 Smith, Karen Cecil
An Outer Banks Reader 1998 9780807847268 Stick, David
An Unexpected Family 2007 9781416524564 Medlicott, Joan Avna
An Unexpected Guest 2011 9781450735711 Johnson, Bruce E.
An Unknown Patriot 1899 Child, Frank Samuel
Ancestors and Others 2009 9780312561673 Chappell, Fred Davis
Anchor, The 2003 1889199052 Wyche, Blonnie Bunn
Ancient Maritime Village of Murfreesborough, 1787-1825, The 1969 Parramore, Thomas C.
And Deliver Us from Evil 2005 9780974773520 Alston, E. B.
Andrew Jackson and North Carolina Politics 1958 Hoffmann, William Stephany
Andrew Johnson: Plebeian and Patriot 1928 Winston, Sr., Robert Watson
Andrew's War 2012 9781480015807 Comer, Perry
Andy Griffith Show, The 1981 9780895870438 Kelly, Richard Michael
Andy Griffith Story, The 1995 1887138013 Collins, Terry Carlson
Andy Griffith's Manteo 2022 9781467150088 Railey, John
Angel 1926 Heyward, DuBose Edwin
Angel Doll, The 1996 9781878086549 Bledsoe, Jerry
Angel Whispered Danger, The 2003 9780312308131 Ballard, Mignon Franklin
Angels Unaware 2010 9781933157344 Bruney, Sandra Z.
Angels Watching Over Me 2003 9780764227004 Phillips, Michael Ray
Anglican Parish in Royal North Carolina, The 1979 Watson, Alan Douglas
Animal Adventures in North Carolina 2011 9780895873828 Bower, Jennifer Bean
Animal Fair, The 1960 Stem, Jr., Thaddeus Garland
Animal Tales From the Old North State 1938 Cobb, Lucy Maria;
Hicks, Mary Aileen
Animal's Ballgame, The 1992 9780516051390 Arneach, Lloyd
Aniratak 2007 9780595469253 Taylor, Joyce Marie
Anna 1986 0842300201 Graham, Margaret
Annals of Caldwell County 1930 Scott, William Walter
Annals of Haywood County, North Carolina, The 1935 Allen, William Cicero
Annals of Progress: The Story of Lenoir County and Kinston, North Carolina 1963 Powell, William Stevens
Annie Laurie and Azalea 1913 Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Anniversaries 1913 Howell, Andrew Jackson, Jr.
Anna Papers, The 1988 0316313165 Gilchrist, Ellen
Another Kind of Rain 1970 9780822932062 Barrax, Sr., Gerald William
Another Son of Man 2004 9781878086969 McLaurin, Tim
Anson County 2005 9781933251110 Bathanti, Joseph
Answers to Lucky 1996 9780060173128 Owen, Howard Wayne
Ante-bellum Builders of North Carolina 1914 Connor, Robert Diggs Wimberly
Antebellum North Carolina 1937 Johnson, Guion Griffis
Anvil of Adversity 1968 9781125678572 Stevens, William
Anything That Happens 2021 9781950413331 Wilder, Cheryl
Apex 2009 9780738566382 Monahan, Sherry
Apostate Physician 1937 Frick, Harvey Lee
Appalachian Book of the Dead 2019 9781970137897 Neal, Dale
Appalachian Down 1973 9780877160410 West, John Foster
Appalachian Ghosts 1978 Roberts-Brown, Nancy Correll
Appalachian Mountain Memories 2003 9781887905312 Morgan, Larry G.
Appalachian Mountains 1980 9780912856599 Dykeman Stokely, Wilma
Appalachian Paradise 2002 9780971304567 Bishop, Maggie
Appalachian Shepherd 1965 Hendricks, Garland Alford
Appalachian State, A to Z 2010 9781933251691 Webb, Anne Aldridge
Appalachian Studies 2005 9781893239524 Shelby, Anne Gabbard
Appalachian Trail Visitor's Companion, The 1998 9780897322416 Adkins, Leonard M.
Appalachian Travels: The Diary of Olive Dame Campbell 2012 9780813136448 Campbell, Olive Dame;
Williams, Elizabeth McCutchen
Appalachians and Race 2001 9780813121734 Inscoe, John C.
Appalachia Mountain Folklore 2012 9780764340062 Rivers, Micheal
Appalachia Sounding 1975 Linney, Romulus
Appendix to the Memorabilia of Fifty Years 1931 Rondthaler, Edward
Applewhites at Wit's End 2012 9780060579388 Tolan, Stephanie S.
Archaeological Investigations at the Site of David Caldwell's Log College 1980 Baroody, John C.
Archaeology at Colonial Brunswick 2010 9780865263437 South, Stanley A.
Archeology of Coastal North Carolina, The 1958 Haag, William George
Architects and Builders in North Carolina 1990 9780807818985 Bishir, Catherine Ward
Architectural Analysis Dilworth: Charlotte's Initial Streetcar Suburb: Proposed Dilworth Historic District, Charlotte, N.C. 1978 Little-Stokes, Margaret Ruth
Architectural History of Randolph County, The 1985 Whatley, Jr., Lowell McKay
Architectural Resources: An Inventory of Historic Architecture: High Point, Jamestown, Gibsonville, Guilford County 1979 McKelden, H. Smith
Architecture of Duke University, The 1939 Blackburn, William Maxwell
Architecture of Warren County, North Carolina, The 2001 McFarland, Kenneth
Ardent Spirits 2009 9780743291897 Price, Edward Reynolds
Are You There, God? It’s Me, Kevin 2008 9781596914162 Keck, Kevin
Armadillo 2003 9781881515548 March, Stephen
Arms of God, The 2005 312347952 Hinton, Lynne
Army Town 1994 Catlett, J. Stephen
Around Bakersville 2011 9780738587646 Grisham, Sandy;
Koran, Bruce
Around Biltmore Village 2008 9780738525679 Alexander, Bill
Around Biltmore Village 2008 9780738568539 Alexander, Bill
Around Lake Norman 2008 9780738553962 Jacobs, Cindy
Around Southern Pines 1998 9780738554198 Massengill, Stephen Edwin
Around Surry County 2005 9780738518060 Thompson, Evelyn Scales
Around Walnut Cove and Danbury 2014 9781467121026 Berrier, Kyle A.
Art of Keeping Secrets, The 2008 9780451223951 Henry, Patti Callahan
Art’s Blood 2006 9780440242093 Lane, Vicki
Arts at Black Mountain College, The 1987 9780262081610 Harris, Mary Emma
Arts in Earnest 1989 Zug III, Charles G.
As By Fire 1939 Moore, Bertha Belle
As I Remember: A Boy in the ‘Twenties 1967 Griffin, Roy Lee
As We Were 1935 Cotten, Bruce
Ash Family, The 2019 9781501144868 Dektar, Molly
Ash Wednesday Storm, March 7, 1962, The 1987 Stick, David
Ashe County 2000 9780738506159 Houck, John;
Weaver, Clarice;
Williams, Carol
Ashe County: A History 1963 Fletcher, Arthur Lloyd
Asheville 2004 9780738516196 McDaniel, Douglas Stuart
Asheville and Buncombe County 1922 Sondley, Forster Alexander
Asheville and Western North Carolina in World War II 2006 9780738543420 Chapman, Reid;
Miles, Deborah
Asheville Bee Charmer Cookbook, The 2017 9781572842281 Schloss, Carrie
Asheville Beer 2012 9781609496319 Glenn, Anne Fitten
Asheville Ghosts and Legends 2006 9781596291560 House, Delas M.;
Traynor, Ken
Asheville in the Land of the Sky 1942 Mead, Martha Norburn
Asheville Movies: The Silent Era 2017 9780998769905 Thompson, Frank T.
Asheville: A History 2007 9780786431762 Chase, Nan K.
Asheville: Land of the Sky 1986 9780897811682 Ready, Milton
Asheville: Mountain Majesty 2007 9780914875352 Harshaw, Lou
Asheville: Places of Discovery 1980 9780914875017 Harshaw, Lou
Asheville: Volume I 1997 9780738543987 Greenberg, Sue;
Kahn, Jan
Asheville: Volume II 1997 9780738543994 Greenberg, Sue;
Kahn, Jan
Asheville's Albemarle Park 2014 9781467121255 Merten, Stacy A.;
Sauer, Robert O.
Asheville's River Arts District 2008 9780738554266 Neufeld, Henry;
Neufeld, Rob
Ashley Jordan's Secret 2006
Ashpet 1994 9780823411061 Compton, Joanne;
Compton, Kenn
Ask Your Neighbor 0 Gaddy, Charles Reece
Assault and Batter 2013 9781493559862 Myers, Tim
Assessing the Impact of Local Historic Districts on Property Values in Greensboro, North Carolina 1998 9780891334132 Leimenstoll, Jo Ramsay
Astoria to Zion: Twenty-Six Stories of Risk and Abandon from Ecotone's First Decade 2013 9780984900091 Fountain, Ben
Astronomer and Other Stories, The 1966 Betts, Doris Waugh
At The Big House 1904 Culbertson, Anne Virginia
At Dusk 2010 9781453609941 Duncan, Julia Nunnally
At First Sight 2005 9780446532426 Sparks, Nicholas
At the Gate of All Wonder 2018 9781946482143 McIlvoy, Kevin
At Home in Covington 2004 9780743470414 Medlicott, Joan Avna
At Home in Mitford 1994 9780732413996 Karon, Jan Meredith
At Home in the Smokies 1984 9780912627229 Dykeman Stokely, Wilma
At Top of Tobin 1926 Olmsted, Stanley
At Wick's End 2003 9780425194607 Myers, Tim
Atlantic Turkey Shoot : U-Boats off the Outer Banks in World War II, The 1990 9780932705099 Cheatham, James Theodore
Atlas of Colonial Waterbirds of North Carolina Estuaries 1979 Parnell, James F.
Atlas of the Vascular Flora of the Carolinas 1965 Ahles, Harry E.;
Bell, Clyde Ritchie;
Radford, Albert Ernest
Attempts at Rhyming 1839 Hart, Alban J. X.
Attracting Birds in the Carolinas: Creating Bird-Friendly Habitats from the Mountains to the Coast 2021 9781469662251 Parnell, James F.
August Snow 1991 9780822200758 Price, Edward Reynolds
Augustus: Narrative of a Slave Woman 2010 9781935514077 Greene, Robin
Aunt Ellie Turns Sleuth 2007 9780595476329 Clarke, Liz
Aunt Flora 1953 Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane
Aunt Mag's Recipe Book 2004 9780975591000 Booth, Carolyn Rawls
Aunt Mary, Tell Me a Story 1991 9780962863004 Chiltoskey, Mary Ulmer
Auto Racing in Charlotte and the Carolina Piedmont 2003 9780738515151 Singer, Marc P.;
Summer, Ryan L.
Autobiography of Brantley York, The 1910 York, Brantley
Autobiography of Flora M’Donald, The 1870 9781177809450 MacDonald, Flora
Auto-biography of Lemuel Sawyer 1844 Sawyer, Lemuel
Autobiography of Needham Bryan Cobb 1865 Cobb, Needham Bryan
Autobiography: The Life of the Novelist and Politician from North Carolina 1958 Baily, Dykeman Waldron
Autumn Bends the Rebel Tree 2011 9780982539699 Guy, Carolyn
Autumn on Breezy Hill 1956 Moore, Bertha Belle
Autumn Seclusion 2007 9781412040440 Ferrell, Andrea
Avery County 2005 9780738541914 Hardy, Michael C.
Awakening, The 1921 Cartrette, Anna Gaskill
Awakening, The 2003 0345462351 Ball, Donna Rochelle
Aycock Brown's Outer Banks 1976 9780915442188 Brown, Aycock;
Stick, David
Azalea, The Story of a Girl in the Blue Ridge Mountains 1912 Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Azalea's Silver Web 1915 Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Azalea at Sunset Gap 1914 Peattie, Elia Wilkinson
Azalea Bluff 2021 9781951556365 Hetzel, Dennis
B.O.Q. 2014 9780895876164 Simpson, N. P.
B.W. Spilman 1953 9780805472240 Green, Charles Sylvester
Babies, Bikes & Broads 2008 9781932859621 Chadwick, Cynn
Baby, Take a Bow 2017 9781464207983 Tesh, Jane
Back in Black 2015 9781460943038 Hartness, John G.
Back in the Time: Medicine, Education, and Life 2017 9781542858557 Griffith, Gretchen
Back to Beginnings 1969 Ragan, Samuel Talmadge
Backgrounds and Preparations for the Roanoke Voyages, 1584-1590 1986 9780865262089 Humber, John L.
Backpacking North Carolina 2011 9780807871836 Miller, Joe
Backpacking Overnights: North Carolina Mountains, South Carolina Upstate 2013 9781889596280 Parham, Jim
Backroads of North Carolina 2009 9780760325926 Adams, Kevin
Backslide 2010 9781426941498 Kenney, Carl W.
Backstage at the Lost Colony 2018 9780692083970 Walls, Jr., Dwayne Estes
Backyard Bears 2108 9781328858689 Cherrix, Amy
Backyard Carolina 2006 9780971930889 Wood, Andy
Backyards, Bow Ties and Beauty Queens 2008 9780977968145 Thompson, Bill
Bad Girls at Samarcand 2016 9780807162491 Zipf, Karin L.
Bad Housekeeping 1995 Edelson, Julie
Bad Moon on the Rise 2009 9780981944241 Munger, Katy
Bad Reputation, A 2014 9781464202322 Tesh, Jane
Bad to the Bone 2000 9780380800643 Munger, Katy
Baddest Girl on the Planet, The 2021 9781949467161 Frese, Heather
Badin, a Town at the Narrows 1982 Glass, Brent D.
Baer's Christmas, The 1939 Moore, Bertha Belle
Balancing Tradition and Innovation: the History of Botany at Duke University, 1849-1996 1996 Harland-Jacobs, Jessica
Bald Head 1985 9781892444103 Stick, David
Ballad Literature in North Carolina 1915 Brown, Frank Clyde
Ballad of Belle Dorcas, The 1990 0394846451 Hooks, William Harris
Ballad of Dixon Bell, The 2003 0373711182 Kent, Lynnette
Ballad of the Flim-Flam Man, The 1965 9781928556051 Owen, Jr., Guy
Ballad of Frankie Silver, The 1998 0525939695 McCrumb, Sharyn
Ballad of Jessie Pearl, The 2013 9781608981410 Hitchcock, Shannon Williams
Ballad of Tom Dooley, The 2011 9780312558178 McCrumb, Sharyn
Ballad of Tom Dula, The 1971 9781887905558 West, John Foster
Ballads of Courageous Carolinians 1914 Haywood, Marshall DeLancey
Ballots and Fence Rails 1967 Evans, William McKee
Balm of Gilead Tree and Other Stories, The 1999 9780917788734 Morgan, Robert Ray
Balsam Groves of the Grandfather Mountain, The 1892 Dugger, Shepherd Monroe
Bandana Creek 1979 9780911692136 Downer, Hilda
Bandeaux Creek 2005 9780975591031 Booth, Carolyn Rawls
Banktown 2010 9780895873811 Rothacker, Rick
Baptism, The 2007 1416906711 Moses, Sheila P.
Barbara's Vagaries 1886 9781144057358 Tidball, Mary Langdon Dana
Barbecue 2016 9781469626703 Reed, Jr., John Shelton
Bard of Ottaray, The 1979 Banner, Leslie;
Timblin, Carol Lowe
Bare Bones 2003 9780743453004 Reichs, Kathleen Joan
Bare-Bottomed Skier, The 1990 9780962425585 Bledsoe, Jerry
Barefoot Beaches 2003 9781410711885 DeGroot, Jacqueline
Baritone Wore Chiffon, The 2004 9780972121132 Schweizer, Mark
Bark House Style 2008 9781423602149 Chase, Nan K.
Barking at a Fox-Fur Coat 1991 9780874831405 Davis, Donald
Baroque and Desperate 1999 9780380802258 Myers, Tamar
Barrowfields, The 2017 Philip, Lewis
Bartered Bride, The 1996 0373289197 Reavis, Cheryl
Baseball in Asheville 2004 9780738516103 Ballew, Bill
Baseball in the Carolinas 2002 9780786413188 Holaday, J. Chris
Baseball in Catawba County 2004 9780738517131 Holaday, J. Chris;
Peeler, Tim
Baseball in North Carolina's Piedmont 2002 9780738514130 Holaday, J. Chris
Basil, the Page 1908 Whitham, Grace I.
Bass Fishing in North Carolina 1977 9781878086716 Paysour, Conrad
Bass Wore Scales, The 2007 9780972121187 Schweizer, Mark
Bath: The First Town in North Carolina 2005 9780865263185 Watson, Alan Douglas
Battle for North Carolina, The 2008 1439200610 Hester, Robert W.
Battle for North Carolina's Coast, The 2011 9780807834862 Riggs, Stanley R.
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Battle of Averasboro, The 1965 Fowler, Malcolm
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