Pendleton, Louis Beauregard

Personal Information

  • Born in 1861

Included Titles By Pendleton, Louis Beauregard

Here are some other books by the author:
Bewitched, Cassell, 1888
In the Wire-Grass, D. Appleton, 1889
The Sons of Ham, Roberts, 1895
Carita, Lamson, Wolffe, 1898
Lost Prince Almon, Jewish Publication Society, 1898
The Wedding Garment, Little, Brown, 1900
A Forest Drama, Henry T. Coates, 1904
Captain Ted, D. Appleton, 1918
The Invisible Police, New-Church, 1932
Echo of Drums, Sovereign, 1938
Juvenile Fiction
King Tom and the Runaways, D. Appleton, 1890
In the Okefenokee, Roberts, 1895
In the Camp of the Creeks, Penn Pub., 1903
In Assyrian Tents, Jewish Publication Society, 1904
Alexander H. Stephens, G.W. Jacobs, 1907

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