Independent Presses

Criteria for inclusion

The selection criteria of the North Carolina Literary Map for independent presses reflect an interest in maintaining a broad, inclusive, and up-to-date list of independent presses as a resource for authors. To that end, our inclusion criteria aim to protect writers and promote presses that value inclusivity and publish actively. Independent presses included on the NC Literary Map website must have an editorial process in place. Independent presses must also publish primarily poetry and/or books (rather than journalism), and it must publish semi-regularly (at least annually). Presses must not charge authors fees to publish or edit the work, and presses cannot only consider members of a particular group (university, club) or only publish their own editors. For questions about the criteria for inclusion, please contact the NC Literary Map team at For authors considering publishing options, see WRITER BEWARE, a valuable resource from the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), for tips and best practices when choosing a publisher.

If you know of a press we’re missing that fits these criteria, please email us and share what you know!

Algonquin Books
Now an imprint of Workman Publishing (an independent publishing company in NYC) that once specialized in publishing undiscovered authors particularly from the South. Still based in NC with another office in NYC.
Located in Chapel Hill.
Backbone Press
Focuses on publishing short stories of new and marginalized authors.
Located in Durham.
Baen Publishing Enterprises
E-Book publisher with a specialization in sci-fi, fantasy, and speculative fiction.
Located in Wake Forest.
Black Mountain Press
Independent press with a focus on poetry, creative novels, and short story collections.
Located in Asheville.
Blair Publishing
Formerly John F. Blair Publisher, rebranded as Blair after it was sold to Carolina Wren Press. Focuses on marginalized authors or stories focusing on marginalized groups.
Located in Durham.
Bull City Press
Since 2006, Bull City Press has published chapbooks of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. We publish 4-10 chapbooks each year, as well as Inch, our quarterly journal.
Located in Durham.
Cave Wall Press
A poetry publisher which publishes chapbooks once or twice a year.
Located in Greensboro.
Franklin/Kerr Press
A small, full-service publishing company with a focus on horror, sci-fi, and thriller.
Located in Concord.
Gryphon House
A publisher dedicated to resource books for teachers and parents.
Located in Lewisville.
Hermit Feathers Press
Hermit Feathers Press is a small, independent publisher focused on regional poetry of the Southeastern United States. Hermit Feathers Press began publishing in 2019.
Located in Winston-Salem.
Information Age Publishing
IAP has the goal to publish a materials that focus on niches in the social sciences that lack high-level research.
Located in Charlotte.
Less Than Three Press
An independent press that focuses on LGBTQ romance.
Located in Rocky Mount.
Longleaf Press
Originally a university press housed at Methodist University since 1997, now an independent press as of 2021. Publishes poetry chapbooks, full-length collections, translations, and novels.
Located in Fayetteville.
Lookout Books
We publish about one book every year from emerging and historically underrepresented voices, as well as overlooked gems by established writers
Located in Wilmington, North Carolina.
Mainland Press
A press with a focus on comedy fiction and non-fiction. Not currently accepting submissions.
Located in Conover.
McFarland Books
Specializes in academic nonfiction.
Located in Jefferson.
Mocha Memoirs Press
Publishes speculative fiction (fantasy/sci-fi/horror) with a diverse main cast.
Located in Rock Hill, SC.
Orison Press
Focuses on "spiritually-engaged" poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.
Located in Asheville.
Press 53
A press that publishes several poetry/short story collections a year.
Located in Winston-Salem.
Prospective Press
Accepts books and short stories, focusing mostly on fiction with some non-fiction.
Located in Winston-Salem.
Regal House Publishing
A traditional publisher with an interest in fiction of all genres, novel and short story length.
Located in Raleigh.
Supposed Crimes & Acquitted Books
A publisher that focuses on lesbian and bisexual heroines (Supposed Crimes) and gay and bisexual heroes (Acquitted Books).
Located in Matthews.