Browning, Dixie Burrus

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Bronwyn Williams

Included Titles By Browning, Dixie Burrus

Here are some other books by the author:
Written as Dixie Browning
Romance Fiction
Unreasonable Summer, Silhouette, 1980
Chance Tomorrow, Silhouette, 1981
Journey to Quiet Waters, Silhouette, 1981
Winter Blossom, Silhouette, 1981
Wren of Paradise, Silhouette, 1981
Finders Keepers, Silhouette, 1982
Island on the Hill, Silhouette, 1982
Loving Rescue, Silhouette, 1982
Renegade Player, Silhouette, 1982
Image of My Love, Silhouette, 1983
Practical Dreamer, Silhouette, 1983
Reach Out to Cherish, Silhouette, 1983
Secret Valentine, Silhouette, 1983
First Things Last, Silhouette, 1984
The Hawk and the Honey, Silhouette, 1984
Just Desserts, Silhouette, 1984
The Love Thing, Silhouette, 1984
Visible Heart, Silhouette, 1984
A Bird in Hand, Silhouette, 1985
By Any Other Name, Silhouette, 1985
Matchmaker’s Moon, Silhouette, 1985
Something for Herself, Silhouette, 1985
The Tender Barbarian, Silhouette, 1985
Reluctant Dreamer, Silhouette, 1986
The Security Man, Silhouette, 1986
In the Palm of Her Hand, Silhouette, 1986
There Once Was a Lover, Silhouette, 1987
Along Came Jones, Silhouette, 1988
Fate Takes a Holiday, Silhouette, 1988
Thin Ice, Silhouette, 1989
Beginner’s Luck, Silhouette, 1990
Ships in the Night, Silhouette, 1990
Just Say Yes, Silhouette, 1991
Twice in a Blue Moon, Silhouette, 1991
A Promise Kept, Harlequin, 1992
Best Man for the Job, Silhouette, 1992
Not a Marrying Man, Silhouette, 1992
Hazards of the Heart, Silhouette, 1993
Grace and the Law, Silhouette, 1994
Alex and the Angel, Silhouette, 1995
Single Female (Reluctantly) Seeks, Silhouette, 1995
The Beast, the Beauty and the Baby, Silhouette, 1996
The Baby Notion, Silhouette, 1996
Stryker’s Wife, Silhouette, 1996
Look What the Stork Brought, Silhouette, 1997
Sunshine, Harlequin, 1997
The Passionate G-Man, Silhouette, 1998
His Business, Her Baby, Silhouette, 1998
A Knight in Rusty Armor, Silhouette, 1999
The Texas Millionaire, Silhouette, 1999
The Bride-In-Law, Silhouette, 1999
A Bride for Jackson Powers, Silhouette, 2000
Cinderella’s Midnight Kiss, Silhouette, 2000
The Virgin and the Vengeful Groom, Silhouette, 2000
As Good As Gold, Harlequin, 2001
The Millionaire’s Pregnant Bride, Silhouette, 2002
The Marrying Millionaire, Silhouette, 2002
The Quiet Seduction, Silhouette, 2002
Christmas Eve Reunion, Harlequin, 2003
Her Man Upstairs, Harlequin, 2005
Her Fifth Husband, Harlequin, 2005

Written as Bronwyn Williams
Romance Fiction
White Witch, Harlequin, 1988
Dandelion, Harlequin, 1989
Stormwalker, Harlequin, 1990
Gideon’s Fall, Harlequin, 1991
Halfway Home, Topaz, 1996
The Paper Marriage, Harlequin, 2000
Longshadow’s Woman, Harlequin, 2001
The Mail-Order Brides, Harlequin, 2001
Beckett’s Birthright, Harlequin, 2002

N.C. Locations Associated with Browning, Dixie Burrus

Resided in:
Hatteras Island (Other)
Winston-Salem (City/Town)