Lewis, Charles Bertrand

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
M. Quad
  • Born in 1842

Included Titles By Lewis, Charles Bertrand

Here are some other books by the author:
The Hunter's Vision, American Union and Ballou's Magazine, 1872
Bugler Ben, Munro, 1872
The Comic Biography of James A. Garfield, 1879
Sawed-Off Sketches, Carleton, 1884
Theatrical Production Fiction
Ben and Dot, 1879
Deacon Jackson, 1879
Bijah, 1880
Tennessee, 1898

Written as M. Quad
Bessie Baine, Ballou's Monthly Magazine, 1876
Under Five Lakes, Munro, 1886
Historical Fiction
Field, Fort and Fleet, Detroit Free Press, 1885
Humor Fiction
Goaks and Tears, Shepard, 1875
Brother Gardner's Lime-Kiln Club, Belford, Clarke, 1882
Quad's Odds, Tyler, 1875
Sparks of Wit, Tyler, 1885
Mr. and Mrs. Bowser and Their Varied Experiences, Ogilvie, 1899
Trials and Troubles of the Bowser Family, Ogilvie, 1899
The Life and Troubles of Mr. Bowser, Jamieson-Higgins, 1902
The Humorous Mr. Bowser, Ogilvie, 1911

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