Coulter, Ellis Merton

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Pseudonym/ Also Know As
E. Merton Coulter

Included Titles By Coulter, Ellis Merton

Here are some other books by the author:
History of Kentucky, American Historical Society, 1922
The Civil War and Readjustment in Kentucky, University of North Carolina Press, 1926
College Life in the Old South, Macmillan, 1928
Short History of Georgia, University of North Carolina Press, 1933
Georgia's Disputed Ruins, University of North Carolina Press, 1937, Editor
The Other Half of Old New Orleans, Louisiana State University Press, 1939, Editor
The Course of the South to Secession, Appleton, 1939, Editor
Thomas Spalding of Sapelo, Louisiana State University Press, 1940
John Jacobus Flournoy, Georgia Historical Society, 1942
The South During Reconstruction, Louisiana State University Press, 1947
Travels in the Confederate States, University of Oklahoma Press, 1948
A List of the Early Settlers of Georgia, University of Georgia Press, 1949, Editor
The Confederate States of America, Louisiana State University Press, 1950
Wormsloe, University of Georgia Press, 1955
Lost Generation, Confederate, 1956
Auraria, University of Georgia Press, 1956
The Myth of Dade County's Seceding from Georgia in 1860, Georgia Historical Society, 1957
The Journal of William Stephens, University of Georgia Press, 1958-59, Editor
Confederate Receipt Book, University of Georgia Press, 1960, Editor
James Monroe Smith, Georgia Planter, Before Death and After, University of Georgia Press, 1961
John Ellis Coulter, 1962
The Journal of Peter Gordon, University of Georgia Press, 1963, Editor
Joseph Vallence Bevan, University of Georgia Press, 1964
Old Petersburg and the Broad River Valley of Georgia, University of Georgia Press, 1965
Georgia Waters, Georgia Historical Quarterly, 1965
The Toombs Oak, University of Georgia Press, 1966
Warren Grice, Lewis Historical Publishing, 1966, Editor
William Montague Brown, University of Georgia Press, 1967
Negro Legislators in Georgia during the Reconstruction Period, Georgia Historical Quarterly, 1968
Daniel Lee, Agriculturist, University of Georgia Press, 1971
The Last Visit of Jefferson Davis to Georgia and Other Topics in the History of the State, Georgia Historical Quarterly, 1971
George Walton Williams, Hibriten Press, 1976
Abraham Baldwin, Cherokee Publishing, 1981

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Studied at:
University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill