Vining, Elizabeth Janet Gray

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Elizabeth Gray Vining
Nick Name
  • Born in 1902

Included Titles By Vining, Elizabeth Janet Gray

Here are some other books by the author:
Juvenile Fiction
Meredith's Ann, Doubleday, 1929
Tilly-Tod, Doubleday, 1929
Tangle Garden, Doubleday, 1932
Beppy Marlowe of Charles Town, Lippincott, 1936
Penn, Viking, 1938
Young Walter Scott, Viking, 1938
The Fair Adventure, Viking, 1940
Adam of the Road, Viking Press, 1942
Sandy, Viking, 1945
The Cheerful Heart, Viking, 1959
I Will Adventure, Viking, 1962
The Taken Girl, Viking, 1972
Mr. Whittier, Viking, 1974
Contributions of the Quakers, Davis, 1939
Anthology with Comments, Pendle Hill, 1942
Her Windows for the Crown Prince, Lippincott, 1952
The World in Tune, Harper, 1954
The Virginia Exiles, Lippincott, 1955
Friend of Life, Lippincott, 1958
Return to Japan, Lippincott, 1960
Take Heed of Loving Me, Lippincott, 1963
Flora, Lippincott, 1966
I, Roberta, Lippincott, 1967
Quiet Pilgrimage, Lippincott, 1970
The May Massee Collection, William Allen White Library, 1972
Being Seventy, Viking, 1978
Harnessing Pegasus, Pendle Hill, 1978
A Quest There Is, Pendle Hill, 1982
The Fiction of Freedom, Monash University, 1991

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Resided in:
Chapel Hill (City/Town)