Gragg, Rod

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Here are some other books by the author:
Bobby Bagley, POW, Bible Voice, 1978
Pirates, Planters, and Patriots, Peace Hill Publishers, 1985
The Civil War Quiz and Fact Book, Harper & Row, 1985
The Old West Quiz and Fact Book, Harper & Row, 1986
The Illustrated Confederate Reader, Harper & Row, 1989
A Commitment to Valor, Rutledge Hill Press, 2001, Editor
From Foxholes and Flight Decks, St. Martin’s Press, 2002
Lewis and Clark on the Trail of Discovery, Rutledge Hill Press, 2003
Great Maps of the Civil War, Rutledge Hill Press, 2004, et al.
The Declaration of Independence, Rutledge Hill Press, 2005
The Leadership Dynamic, Crossway Books, 2008
Forged in Faith, Howard Books, 2010
By the Hand of Providence, Howard Books, 2011
George Washington, Pelican Publishing Company, 2012

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