Caldwell, Erskine

Personal Information

  • Born in 1902

Included Titles By Caldwell, Erskine

Here are some other books by the author:
Children’s Fiction
Molly Cottontail, Little, Brown, 1958
The Deer at Our House, Collier, 1966
The Bastard, Heron Press, 1929
Poor Fool, Rariora Press, 1930
Mamma's Little Girl, 1932
Tobacco Road, Scribner, 1932
Message for Genevieve, 1933
God's Little Acre, Viking, 1933
Some American People, R. M. McBride & Co., 1935
Tenant Farmer, Phalanx Press, 1935
Journeyman, Viking, 1935
The Sacrilege of Alan Kent, Falmouth Book House, 1936
Trouble in July, Duell, 1940
All Night Long, Duell, 1942
Georgia Boy, Duell, 1943
Tragic Ground, Duell, 1944
A House in the Uplands, Duell, 1946
The Sure Hand of God, Duell, 1947
This Very Earth, Duell, 1948
Place Called Estherville, Duell, 1949
Episode in Palmetto, Duell, 1950
A Lamp for Nightfall, Duell, 1952
Love and Money, Duell, 1954
Gretta, Little, Brown, 1955
Claudelle Inglish, Little, Brown, 1959
Jenny by Nature, Farrar, Straus, 1961
Close to Home, Farrar, Straus, 1962
The Last Night of Summer, Farrar, Straus, 1963
A Woman in the House, MacFadden-Bartell, 1964
In Search of Bisco, Farrar, Straus, 1965
In the Shadow of the Steeple, Heinemann, 1967
Miss Mamma Aimee, New American Library, 1967
Summertime Island, World Publishing, 1968
The Weather Shelter, World Publishing, 1969
The Earnshaw Neighborhood, World Publishing, 1971
Annette, New American Library, 1973
The Black and White Stories of Erskine Caldwell, Peachtree Publications, 1984
You Have Seen Their Faces, Viking, 1937
North of the Danube, Viking, 1939
Say, Is This the U.S.A.?, Duell, 1941
All-out on the Road to Smolensk, Duell, 1942
Russia at War, Hutchinson, 1942
Call It Experience, Duell, 1951
Around about America, Farrar, Straus, 1964
Writing in America, Phaedra Publishers, 1967
With All My Might: An Autobiography, Peachtree Publications, 1987
Short Story Fiction
American Earth, Scribner, 1931
We Are the Living, Viking, 1933
Kneel to the Rising Sun and Other Stories, Viking, 1935
Southways, Viking, 1938
Jackpot, Duell, 1940
A Day's Wooing and Other Stories, Grosset, 1944
Where the Girls Were Different and Other Stories, Avon, 1948
The Courting of Susie Brown, Duell, 1952
Gulf Coast Stories, Little, Brown, 1956
Certain Women, Little, Brown, 1957
When You Think of Me, Little, Brown, 1959
Men and Women, Little, Brown, 1961

N.C. Locations Associated with Caldwell, Erskine

Resided in:
Charlotte (City/Town)