Forstchen, William R.

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  • Born in 1950

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Here are some other books by the author:
Ice Prophet, Ballantine, 1983
The Flame upon the Ice, Ballantine, 1984
A Darkness upon the Ice, Ballantine, 1985
Into the Sea of Stars, Ballantine, 1986
The Alexandrian Ring, Ballantine, 1987
The Assassin Gambit, Ballantine, 1988
The Crystal Warriors, Avon, 1988
Rally Cry, Roc, 1990
Union Forever, Roc, 1991
The Crystal Sorcerers, Avon, 1991
Terrible Swift Sword, Roc, 1992
Fateful Lightning, Roc, 1993
The Napoleon Wager, Ballantine, 1993
Wing Commander: End Run, Baen, 1994
Wing Commander: Fleet Action, Baen, 1994
Arena, Harper Prism, 1994
Star Voyager Academy, Paramount Publishers, 1994
Wing Commander: Heart of the Tiger, Baen, 1995
1945, Baen, 1995
The Four Magics, Baen, 1996
Wing Commander: The Price of Freedom, Baen, 1996
Battle Hymn, Roc, 1997
Never Sound Retreat, Roc, 1998
Article 23, Baen, 1998
Wing Commander: Action Stations, Baen, 1998
A Band of Brothers, Penguin, 1999
Men of War, Roc, 1999
Wing Commander: False Colors, Baen, 1999
Prometheus, Baen, 1999
The Forgotten War, Pocket, 1999
Catseye, Pocket, 1999
Down to the Sea, Roc, 2000
We Look Like Men of War, Forge, 2001
Gettysburg, St. Martin's Press, 2003
Grant Comes East, Thomas Dunne, 2004
Never Call Retreat, Thomas Dunne, 2005
Honored Enemy, Eos, 2006
Pearl Harbor, Thomas Dunne, 2007
Days of Infamy, Thomas Dunne, 2008
To Try Men's Souls, Thomas Dunne, 2009
Valley Forge, St. Martin's Press, 2010
The Battle of the Crater, St. Martin's Press, 2011
Victory at Yorktown, Thomas Dunne, 2012
Pillar to the Sky, Tor, 2014
It Seemed Like a Good Idea, Post Road Press, 2000, Editor
Honor Untarnished, Forge, 2003, Co-author

N.C. Locations Associated with Forstchen, William R.

Resided in:
Black Mountain (City/Town)
Taught at:
Montreat College