Kaler, James Otis

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Amy Prentice, James Otis
  • Born in 1848

Included Titles By Kaler, James Otis

Here are some other books by the author:
Juvenile Fiction
Toby Tyler, or, Ten Weeks with a Circus, Harper, 1881
Clown's Protege, Burt, 1883
Mr. Stubbs's Brother: A Sequel to Toby Tyler, Harper, 1883
Tim and Tip, or, The Adventures of a Boy and a Dog, Harper, 1883
Left Behind, or, Ten Days a Newsboy, Harper, 1884
Raising the Pearl, Harper, 1884
Trapping in the Tropics, Burt, 1884
Silent Pete, or, The Stowaways, Burt, 1886
The Castaways: or, On the Florida Reefs, Burt, 1888
Little Jo, Lothrop, 1888
A Runaway Brig, or, An Accidental Cruise, Burt, 1888
The Treasure Finders: A Boy's Adventures in Nicaragua, Burt, 1889
The Braganza Diamond, Penn, 1891
Jack the Hunchback: A Story of Adventure on the Coast of Maine, Burt, 1892
Adventures of a Country Boy at the County Fair, Charles E. Brown, 1893
Jenny Wren's Boarding-House: A Story of Newsboy Life in New York, Estes & Lauriat, 1893
Josiah in New York: or, A Coupon from the Fresh Air Fund, Bradley, 1893
The Search for the Silver City: A Tale of Adventure in Yucatan, Burt, 1893
The Boys' Revolt: A Story of the Street Arabs of New York, Estes & Lauriat, 1894
Chasing a Yacht, or, The Theft of the Gem, Penn, 1894
Jinny and His Partners, Hurst, 1894
Andy's Ward, or, The International Museum, Penn, 1895
The Boys of 1745 at the Capture of Louisbourg, Estes & Lauriat, 1895
Ezra Jordan's Escape from the Massacre at Fort Loyall, Estes & Lauriat, 1895
How Tommy Saved the Barn, Crowell, 1895
An Island Refuge: Casco Bay in 1676, Estes & Lauriat, 1895
Jerry's Family: A Story of a Street Waif of New York, Estes & Lauriat, 1895
Neal, the Miller, a Son of Liberty, Estes & Lauriat, 1895
With Lafayette at Yorktown: A Story of How Two Boys Joined the Continental Army, Burt, 1895
Wood Island Light: or, Ned Sanford's Refuge, Hurst, 1895
Admiral J. of Spurwink, Bradley, 1896
The Boy Captain, or, From Forecastle to Cabin, Estes and Lauriat, 1896
On Schedule Time, Whittaker, 1896
A Short Cruise, Crowell, 1896
Teddy and Carrots: Two Merchants of Newspaper Row, Estes & Lauriat, 1896
Under the Liberty Tree: A Story of the Boston Massacre, Estes & Lauriat, 1896
Wrecked on Spider Island: or, How Ned Rogers Found the Treasure, Burt, 1896
At the Siege of Qu├ębec, Penn, 1897
The Signal Boys of '75: A Tale of Boston during the Siege, Estes & Lauriat, 1897
With Washington at Monmouth: A Story of Three Philadelphia Boys, Burt, 1897
The Wreck of the Circus, Crowell, 1897
An Amateur Fireman, Dutton, 1898
The Boys of '98, Estes, 1898
The Capture of the Laughing Mary: A Story of Three New York Boys in 1776, Burt, 1898
The Charming Sally, Privateer Schooner of New York: A Tale of 1765, Houghton Mifflin, 1898
Corporal 'Lige's Recruit: A Story of Crown Point and Ticonderoga, Burt, 1898
The Cruise of the Comet: The Story of a Privateer of 1812, Sailing from Baltimore, Estes & Lauriat, 1898
A Cruise with Paul Jones: A Story of Naval Warfare in 1778, Burt, 1898
Dick in the Desert, Crowell, 1898
A District Messenger Boy and a Necktie Party, Lothrop, 1898
Joel Harford, Crowell, 1898
Morgan, the Jersey Spy: A Story of the Siege of Yorktown in 1781, Burt, 1898
The Navy Boys in New York Bay; A Story of Three Boys Who Took Command of the Schooner, The Laughing Mary, Burt, 1898
The Princess and Joe Potter, Estes & Lauriat, 1898
A Traitor's Escape: A Story of the Attempt to Seize Benedict Arnold after He Had Fled to New York, Burt, 1898
When Israel Putnam Served the King, Estes & Lauriat, 1898
With Warren at Bunker Hill: A Story of the Siege of Boston, Burt, 1898
At the Siege of Havana: The Experience of Three Boys Serving under Israel Putnam in 1762, Burt, 1899
Captain Tom, the Privateersman of the Armed Brig Chausseur, Estes, 1899
Chased through Norway, or, Two Million Dollars Missing, Street and Smith, 1899
Christmas at Deacon Hackett's: A Sequel to How Tommy Saved the Barn, Crowell, 1899
Down the Slope, Werner, 1899
The Life Savers: A Story of the United States Life-saving Service, Dutton, 1899
Messenger No. 48, Werner, 1899
Off Santiago with Sampson, Estes, 1899
Telegraph Tom's Venture, Saalfield, 1899
A Tory Plot: A Story of the Attempt to Kill General Washington in 1776, Burt, 1899
Wheeling for Fortune, McKay, 1899
When Dewey Came to Manila; or, Among the Filipinos, Estes, 1899
With Perry on Lake Erie: A Tale of 1812, Wilde, 1889
With the Swamp Fox: A Story of General Marion's Young Spies, Burt, 1899
The Armed Ship America, or, When We Sailed from Salem, Estes, 1900
Aunt Hannah and Seth, Crowell, 1900
Boston Boys of 1775: or, When We Besieged Boston, Estes, 1900
The Defense of Fort Henry: A Story of Wheeling Creek in 1777, Burt, 1900
Fighting for the Empire: The Story of the War in South Africa, Estes, 1900
Lobster Catchers: A Story of the Coast of Maine, Dutton, 1900
On the Kentucky Frontier: A Story of the Fighting Pioneers of the West, Burt, 1900
True Adventure Tales from American History in the Stirring Days of the Revolution, Page, 1900
With Preble at Tripoli: A Story of Old Ironsides and the Tripolitan War, Wilde, 1900
Amos Dunkel, Oarsman: A Story of the Whale Boat Navy of 1776, Burt, 1901
Found by the Circus, Crowell, 1901
Inland Waterways, or, The Cruise of the Restless, McKay, 1901
Larry Hudson's Ambition, Page, 1901
Our Uncle, the Major: A Story of New York in 1765, Crowell, 1901
The Story of Old Falmouth, Crowell, 1901
An Unprovoked Mutiny, H. M. Caldwell, 1901
When We Destroyed the Gaspee: A Story of Narragansett Bay in 1722, Estes, 1901
With Porter in the Essex: A Story of His Famous Cruise in Southern Waters during the War of 1812, Wilde, 1901
The Cruise of the Enterprise, Being a Story of the Struggle and Defeat of the French Privateering Expeditions Against the United States in 1779, Wilde, 1902
How the Twins Captured a Hessian: A Story of Long Island in 1776, Crowell, 1902
Reuben Green's Adventures at Yale, Street and Smith, 1902
The Story of Pemaquid, Crowell, 1902
The Treasure of Cocos Island: A Story of the Indian Ocean, Burt, 1902
Wan Lun and Dandy: The Story of a Chinese Boy and a Dog, Burt, 1902
Across the Delaware: A Boy's Story of the Battle of Trenton in 1777, Burt, 1903
With Rodgers on the President: The Story of the Cruise Wherein the Flagship Fired the First Hostile Shot in the War with Great Britain for the Rights of American Seamen, Wilde, 1903
With the Treasure-Hunters: A Story of the Florida Cays, Lippincott, 1903
At the Siege of Detroit: A Story of Two Ohio Boys in the War of 1812, Burt, 1904
Defending the Island: A Story of Bar Harbor in 1758, Estes, 1904
Dorothy's Spy: A Story of the First Fourth of July Celebration, Crowell, 1904
The Minute Boys of the Green Mountains, Estes, 1904
True Indian Tales from American History in the Stirring Days of the Early Colonists, L. C. Page, 1904
The Minute Boys of the Mohawk Valley, Estes, 1905
When Washington Served the King: A Boy's Story of Border Warfare in 1754, Burt, 1905
Among the Fur Traders, Crowell, 1906
Billy Goat's Story, Burt, 1906
Brown Owl's Story, Burt, 1906
Bunny Rabbit's Story, Burt, 1906
Croaky Frog's Story, Burt, 1906
Frisky Squirrel's Story, Burt, 1906
Gray Goose's Story, Burt, 1906
Joey at the Fair, Crowell, 1906
The Light Keepers: A Story of the United States Lighthouse Service, Dutton, 1906
The Minute Boys of the Wyoming Valley, Estes, 1906
Mouser Cat's Story, Burt, 1906
Plodding Turtle's Story, Burt, 1906
Quacky Duck's Story, Burt, 1906
Towser Dog's Story, Burt, 1906
Aboard the Hylow on Sable Island Bank, Dutton, 1907
Commodore Barney's Young Spies: A Boy's Story of the Burning of the City of Washington, Burt, 1907
The Minute Boys of South Carolina: A Story of How We Boys Aided Marion, the Swamp Fox, Estes, 1907
The Wreck of the Ocean Queen: A Story of the Sea, Page, 1907
Afloat in Freedom's Cause: The Story of Two Boys in the War of 1812, Burt, 1908
The Cruise of the Phoebe: A Story of Lobster-Buying on the Eastern Coast, Estes, 1908
The Minute Boys of Long Island: A Story of New York in 1776, Estes, 1908
Two Stowaways aboard the Ellen Maria, Crowell, 1908
The Cruise of the Pickering: A Boy's Story of Privateering in 1780, Burt, 1909
The Minute Boys of New York City, Estes, 1909
The Sarah Jane, Dicky Dalton, Captain: A Story of Tugboating in Portland Harbor, Estes, 1909
Calvert of Maryland: A Story of Lord Baltimore's Colony, American Book Co, 1910
The Cruise of the Sally D., Penn, 1910
Geography of Maine, Eagle Press, 1910
Mary of Plymouth: A Story of the Pilgrim Settlement, American Book Co, 1910
The Minute Boys of Boston, Estes, 1910
Peter of Amsterdam: A Story of Old New York , American Book Co, 1910
Richard of Jamestown: A Story of the Virginia Colony, American Book Co, 1910
Roy Barton's Adventures on the Mexican Border, Burt, 1910
Ruth of Boston: A Story of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, American Book Co, 1910
Stephen of Philadelphia: A Story of Penn's Colony, American Book Co, 1910
The Wireless Station at Silver Fox Farm, Crowell, 1910
With Grant at Vicksburg: A Boy's Story of the Siege of Vicksburg, Burt, 1910
The Aeroplane at Silver Fox Farm, Crowell, 1911
Boy Scouts in the Maine Woods, Crowell, 1911
The Camp on Indian Island, Penn, 1911
The Minute Boys of Philadelphia, Estes, 1911
Old Ben: The Friend of Toby Tyler and Mr. Stubbs' Brother , Harper, 1911
Ralph Gurney's Oil Speculation , Burt, 1911
With Sherman to the Sea: A Boy's Story of General Sherman's Famous March and Capture of Savannah , Burt, 1911
Antoine of Oregon: A Story of the Oregon Trail, American Book Co, 1912
Benjamin of Ohio: A Story of the Settlement of Marietta, American Book Co, 1912
Building an Airship at Silver Fox Farm, Crowell, 1912
Hannah of Kentucky: A Story of the Wilderness Road, American Book Co, 1912
The Minute Boys of Yorktown, Estes, 1912
Seth of Colorado: A Story of the Settlement of Denver, American Book Co, 1912
Wanted, and Other Stories, Harper, 1912
The Wreck of the Princess, Penn, 1912
Airship Cruising from Silver Fox Farm, Crowell, 1913
Boy Scouts in a Lumber Camp, Crowell, 1913
Martha of California: A Story of the California Trail, American Book Co, 1913
Philip of Texas: A Story of Sheep Raising in Texas, American Book Co, 1913
The Roaring Lions; or, The Famous Club of Ashbury, Harper, 1913
Across the Range, and Other Stories, Harper, 1914
The Club at Crow's Corner, Penn, 1915
Tom Dexter Goes to School, Penn, 1915
The Story of American Heroism: Thrilling Narratives of Personal Adventures during the Great Civil War, as Told by the Medal Winners Role of Honor Men, Werner, 1896, ed.
The Life of John Paul Jones, Burt, 1900, ed.

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