Fosdick, Charles Austin

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Harry Castlemon
  • Born in 1842

Included Titles By Fosdick, Charles Austin

Here are some other books by the author:
Frank, the Young Naturalist, Porter & Coates, 1864
No Moss, Porter & Coates, 1864
Frank on a Gunboat, Porter & Coates, 1864
Frank in the Woods, Porter & Coates, 1865
Frank before Vicksburg, Carroll, 1865
Frank among the Rancheros, Porter & Coates, 1865
Frank on the Lower Mississippi, Carroll, 1867
Go-ahead, Porter & Coates, 1867
Frank on the Prairie, Porter & Coates, 1867
Tom Newcomb, Carroll, 1868
Frank at Don Carlos' Ranch, Porter & Coates, 1868
Frank in the Mountains, Carroll, 1871
The Sportsman's Club in the Saddle, Porter & Coates, 1873
The Sportsman's Club Afloat, Porter & Coates, 1874
The Sportsman's Club Among the Trapper, Porter & Coates, 1874

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