Tracy, Donald Fiske

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Roger Fuller
Nick Name
  • Born in 1905

Included Titles By Tracy, Donald Fiske

Here are some other books by the author:
Round Trip, Vanguard, 1935
Criss Cross, Vanguard, 1936
How Sleeps the Beast, Mill, 1938
Last Year's Snow, Mill, 1939
Chesapeake Cavalier, Dial, 1949
The Duck That Flew Backwards, Dial, 1950
Streets of Askelon, Dial, 1951
Crimson is the Eastern Shore, Dial, 1953
Second Try, Westminster, 1954
Sign of the Pagan, Dial, 1954
Bride of Possession, Lippincott, 1960
No Trespassing, Lippincott, 1961
The Hated One, Simon and Schuster, 1963
The Big Brass Ring, Simon and Schuster, 1963
The Timeless Serpent, Simon and Schuster, 1964
Bazzaris, Simon and Schuster, 1965
Carnival in Peyton Place, Trident, 1967
Fun and Deadly Games, Pocket Books, 1978
The Last Boat Out of Cincinnati, Trident, 1970
Pot of Trouble, Pocket Books, 1971
The Editor, Pocket Books, 1973
A Corpse Can Sure Louse Up a Weekend, Pocket Books, 1973
Flats Fixed, Among Other Things, Pocket Books, 1974
Honk If You've Found Jesus, Putnam, 1974
The Big Ox, Pocket Books, 1976
Death Calling Collect, Pocket Books, 1976
High, Wide, and Ransom, Pocket Books, 1976

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