Lavene, Joyce

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Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Joye Ames, Elyssa Henry

Included Titles By Lavene, Joyce

Here are some other books by the author:
Only You, Avalon, 1999
A Family for the Sheriff, Silhouette Romance, 1999
Save Your Heart for Me, Avalon, 2000
The Dowager Duchess, Avalon, 2002
Kiss the Past Goodbye, Southern Charm Press, 2003
Madison's Miracles, Avalon, 2004
Mystery & Thriller Fiction
Renaissance Faire Mystery Series
Wicked Weaves, Berkley, 2008
Ghastly Glass, Berkley, 2009
Deadly Daggers, Berkley, 2010
Harrowing Hats, Berkley, 2011
The Everything Guide to Writing a Novel, Adams Media, 2004

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Resided in:
Midland (City/Town)