Myers, Tim

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Jessica Beth, Elizabeth Bright, Melissa Glazer, Chris Cavender, Casey Mayes
  • Born in 1958

Included Titles By Myers, Tim

Here are some other books by the author:
Mystery & Thriller Fiction
Slow Cooked Murder, 2011
Science Fiction & Fantasy Fiction
The Fairy Godfather, 2010

Written as Elizabeth Bright
Mystery & Thriller Fiction
Invitation to Murder, Berkley, 2005
Deadly Greetings, Berkley, 2006
Murder and Salutations, Berkley, 2006

Written as Melissa Glazer
Mystery & Thriller Fiction
A Murderous Glaze, Berkley, 2007
A Fatal Slip, Berkley, 2008
The Cracked Pot, Berkley, 2008

Written as Casey Mayes
Mystery & Thriller Fiction
A Deadly Row, Berkley, 2010
A Killer Column, Berkley, 2011

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Resided in:
Mountains (Region)