Cornwell, Patricia Daniels

Personal Information

  • Born in 1956

Included Titles By Cornwell, Patricia Daniels

Here are some other books by the author:
Postmortem, Scribner, 1990
Body of Evidence, Scribner, 1991
All That Remains, Scribner, 1992
Cruel and Unusual, Scribner, 1993
The Body Farm, Scribner, 1994
Cause of Death, Putnam, 1995
From Potter's Field, Scribner, 1995
Unnatural Exposure, Putnam, 1997
Point of Origin, Putnam, 1998
Scarpetta's Winter Table, Wyrick, 1998
Black Notice, Putnam, 1999
Southern Cross, Putnam, 1999
The Last Precinct, Putnam, 2000
Isle of Dogs, Little, Brown, 2001
Blow Fly, Putnam, 2003
Scarpetta Collection, Scribner, 2003
Trace, Putnam, 2004
Predator, Putnam, 2005
At Risk, Putnam, 2006
Book of the Dead, Putnam, 2007
The Front, Putnam, 2008
Port Mortuary, Putnam, 2010
A Time for Remembering, Harper, 1983
Portrait of a Killer, Putnam, 2001

N.C. Locations Associated with Cornwell, Patricia Daniels

Resided in:
Charlotte (City/Town)
Montreat (City/Town)
Studied at:
Davidson College