Lewis, J. Patrick

Personal Information

  • Born in 1942

Included Titles By Lewis, J. Patrick

Here are some other books by the author:
Children’s Fiction
The Tsar and the Amazing Cow, Dial, 1988
The Hippopotamusn't, Dial, 1990
Two-legged, Four-legged, No-legged Rhymes, Knopf, 1991
Earth Verses and Water Rhymes, Atheneum, 1991
The Moonbows of Mr. B. Bones, Knopf, 1992
The Fat-Cats at Sea, Knopf, 1994
The Christmas of the Reddle Moon, Dial, 1994
Black Swan/White Crow, Atheneum, 1995
The Boat of Many Rooms, Atheneum, 1997
Boshblobberbosh, Harcourt, 1998
Doodle Dandies, Atheneum, 1998
The Bookworm's Feast, Dial, 1999
Earth and Us Continuous, Dawn Publications, 2000
Freedom like Sunlight, Creative Editions, 2000
A Burst of Firsts, Dial, 2001
Earth and You, a Closer View, Dawn Publications, 2001
Good Mousekeeping, Atheneum, 2001
The Shoe Tree of Chagrin Falls, Creative Editions, 2002
A World of Wonders, Dial, 2002
Arithme-Tickle, Harcourt, 2002
Earth and Me, Our Family Tree, Dawn Publications, 2002
The Last Resort, Creative Editions, 2002
Galileo's Universe, Creative Editions, 2003
Vherses, Creative Edition, 2003
The Snowflake Sisters, Atheneum, 2003
Swan Song, Creative Editions, 2003
Wing Nuts, Little, Brown, 2004, et al.
Clickety Clickety Electrickety, Harcourt, 2004
Monumental Verses, National Geographic Children's Books, 2005
God Made the Skunk, Doggerel Daze, 2005
Please Bury Me in the Library, Gulliver Books, 2005
Once upon a Tomb, Candlewick, 2006
Good Mornin' Ms. America, Gingham Dog Press, 2006
Castles, Wordsong, 2006
Black Cat Bone, Creative Editions, 2006
Heroes and She-roes, Dial, 2007, et al.
Under the Kissletoe, Wordsong, 2007, et al.
Tulip at the Bat, Brown, 2007
Scien-Trickery, Voyager Books, 2007
The Brothers' War, National Geographic Children's Books, 2007
Birds on a Wire, Wordsong, 2008

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