Gilmore, James Roberts

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Edmund Kirke
  • Born in 1822

Included Titles By Gilmore, James Roberts

Here are some other books by the author:
Among the Guerillas, Carleton, 1866
On the Border, Lee and Shepard, 1867
The Last of the Thorndikes, People’s, 1889
Juvenile Fiction
Patriot Boys and Prison Pictures, Ticknor and Fields, 1866
Down in Tennessee and Back By Way of Richmond, Carleton, 1864
Adrift in Dixie, or, A Yankee Officer Among the Rebels, Carleton, 1866
The Life of Jesus According to His Original Biographers with Notes, Lee & Shepard, 1867
The Workingman's Paradise, or, West Virginia as a Home, Howard & Hurlbert, 1879
The Life of James A. Garfield, Republican Candidate for the Presidency, Harper, 1880
John Sevier as a Commonwealth-Builder, D. Appleton, 1887
The Advance-Guard of Western Civilization, D. Appleton, 1888
William Cullen Bryant, with Parke Godwin, J.T. White, 1893
Letters of a War Correspondent, Page, 1898, ed.
Personal Recollections of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, Page, 1898

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