Betters, Paul Vernon

Personal Information

  • Born in 1906

Included Titles By Betters, Paul Vernon

Here are some other books by the author:
The Bureau of Home Economics, The Brookings Institutions, 1930
Federal Services to Municipal Governments, Municipal Administration Service, 1931
The Personnel Classification Board, Brookings Institutions, 1931
The United States Shipping Board, Brookings Institutions, 1931, et al.
Municipal Police Radio Systems, American Municipal Association, 1934
List of Publications of State Leagues of Municipalities, American Municipal Association, 1935
Recent Federal-City Relations, The United States Conference of Mayors, 1936, et al.
City Problems of the South, The Brookings Institutions, 1940, Editor
City Problems of the West, United States Conference of Mayors, 1940
City Problems and Defense, United States Conference of Mayors, 1941, Editor
Municipal Finance Problems and Proposals for Federal Legislation, American Municipal Association

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