Vernon, Ursula

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Pseudonym/ Also Know As
T. Kingfisher

Included Titles By Vernon, Ursula

Here are some other books by the author:
Black Dogs: The House of Diamond, Sofawolf Press, 2007
Black Dogs: The Mountain of Iron, Sofawolf, 2011
Written as T. Kingfisher
Nine Goblins, Red Wombat Tea Company, 2013
The Seventh Bride, 47North, 2015
Bryony & Roses, Red Wombat Tea Company, 2015
The Raven & The Reindeer, Red Wombat Tea Company, 2016
The Halcyon Fairy Book, NESFA Press, 2017
Clockwork Boys, Red Wombat Tea Company, 2017
The Wonder Engine, Red Wombat Tea Company, 2018
Swordheart, T. Kingfisher, 2018
The Twisted Ones, Simon & Schuster, 2019
Digger Series
Digger, Vol. 1, Sofawolf Press, 2005
Digger, Vol. 2, Sofawolf Press, 2006
Digger, Vol. 3, Sofawolf Press, 2007
Juvenile Fiction
Nurk, Harcourt Children's Books,2008
Castle Hangnail, Dial Books, 2015
Dragonbreath Series
Dragonbreath, Dial Books, 2009
Attack of the Ninja Frogs, Dial Books, 2010
Curse of the Were-Wiener, Dial Books, 2010
Lair of the Bat Monster, Penguin, 2011
No Such Thing as Ghosts, Dial Books, 2011
Revenge of the Horned Bunnies, Dial Books, 2012
When Fairies Go Bad, Dial Books, 2012
Nightmare of the Iguana, Dial Books, 2013
The Case of the Toxic Mutants, Dial Books, 2013
Knight-napped!, Dial Books, 2015
The Frozen Menace, Dial Books, 2016
Hamster Princess Series
Harriet the Invincible, Dial Books, 2015
Of Mice and Magic, Dial Books, 2015
Ratpunzel, Dial Books, 2016
Giant Trouble, Dial Books, 2017
Whiskerella, Dial Books, 2018
Little Red Rodent Hood, Dial Books, 2018

N.C. Locations Associated with Vernon, Ursula

Resided in:
Pittsboro (City/Town)