Rhyne, Nancy

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Here are some other books by the author:
Biography & Memoir Non-Fiction
Voices of Carolina Slave Children, Sandlapper Pub. Co., 1999, Compiler & Editor
John Henry Rutledge: The Ghost of Hampton Plantation, Sandlapper Pub. Co., 1997
Children’s Fiction
Once Upon a Time on a Plantation, Pelican Publishing, 1988
The South Carolina Lizard Man, Pelican Pub. Co., 1992
The Jack-O-Lantern Ghost, Pelican Pub. Co., 1996
The Crab Boys, John F. Blair, 2007
Children’s Non-Fiction
Coastal Ghosts, East Woods Press, 1985
Alice Flagg: The Ghost of the Hermitage, Pelican Publishing, 1990
Edisto Island, John F. Blair, 2006
Folklore Fiction
Tales of the South Carolina Low Country, John Blair, 1982
Slave Ghost Stories: Tales of Hags, Hants, Ghosts & Diamondback Rattlers, Sandlapper Pub., 2002
Low Country Voices, John F. Blair, 2003
Touring the Coastal South Carolina Backroads, J.F. Blair, 1992
More Tales of the South Carolina Low Country, John Blair, 1984
Touring the Coastal Georgia Backroads, J.F. Blair, 1994
Southern Recipes & Legends, Sandlapper Pub. Co., 1996
Chronicles of the South Carolina Sea Islands, John F. Blair, 1998
The Grand Strand: An Uncommon Guide to Myrtle Beach and Its Surroundings, East Woods Press, 1981
Plantation Tales, Sandlapper, 1989
Before and After Freedom, John F. Blair, 2005

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