Olds, Helen Diehl

Personal Information

  • Born in 1895

Included Titles By Olds, Helen Diehl

Here are some other books by the author:
Children's Fiction
Joan of the Journal, D. Appleton, 1930
Barbara Benton, Editor, D. Appleton, 1932
Victoria Clicks, Messner, 1942
Jill, Movie Maker, Messner, 1944
Lark, Radio Singer, Messner, 1946
Come In, Winifred, Messner, 1947
You Can't Tell about Love, Messner, 1950
Fisherman Jody, Messner, 1951
Christmas-tree Sam, Messner, 1952
Krista and the Frosty Packages, Messner, 1952
Sharing Is Fun, Koinonia Foundation, 1953
Sara's Lucky Harvest, Messner, 1953
Don and the Book Bus, Knopf, 1956
The Silver Button, Knopf, 1958
Miss Hattie and the Monkey, Follett, 1958
Detour for Meg, Messner, 1958
Kate Can Skate, Knopf, 1960
What Will I Wear? , Knopf, 1961
The Little Ship That Went to Sea, Reilly & Lee, 1962
What's a Cousin? , Knopf, 1962
Jim Can Swim, Knopf, 1963
Children’s Biography & Memoir Non-Fiction
Christopher Columbus, Putnam, 1964
Lyndon Baines Johnson, Putnam, 1965
Richard E. Byrd, Putnam, 1969
Richard Nixon, Putnam, 1970

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