Loring, Emilie

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Josephine Story
  • Born in 1864

Included Titles By Loring, Emilie

Here are some other books by the author:
The Trail of Conflict, Penn, 1922
Here Comes the Sun!, Penn, 1924
The Dragon-Slayer, Unwin, 1924
A Certain Crossroad, Penn, 1925
The Solitary Horseman, Penn, 1927
Gay Courage, Penn, 1928
Swift Water, Penn, 1929
Lighted Windows, Penn, 1930
Fair Tomorrow, Penn, 1931
Uncharted Seas, Penn, 1932
Hilltops Clear, Penn, 1933
Come On, Fortune!, Penn, 1933
We Ride the Gale!, Penn, 1934
With Banners, Penn, 1934
It's a Great World!, Penn, 1935
Give Me One Summer, Penn, 1936
As Long as I Live, Penn, 1937
Today Is Yours, Little Brown, 1938
High of Heart, Little Brown, 1938
Across the Years, Little Brown, 1939
There is Always Love, Little Brown, 1940
Stars in Your Eyes, Little Brown, 1941
Where Beauty Dwells, Little Brown, 1941
When Hearts Are Light Again, Little Brown, 1943
Keepers of the Faith, Little Brown, 1944
Beyond the Sound of Guns, Little Brown, 1945
Bright Skies, Little Brown, 1946
Beckoning Trails, Little Brown, 1947
I Hear Adventure Calling, Little Brown, 1948
Love Came Laughing, Little Brown, 1949
To Love and to Honor, Little Brown, 1950
Theatrical Production Fiction
Where’s Peter?, Penn, 1928
Written as Josephine Story
For the Comfort of the Family, Doran, 1914
The Mother in the House, Pilgrim Press, 1917

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