Ball, Donna Rochelle

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Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Donna Boyd, Taylor Brady, Donna Carlisle, Rebecca Flanders, Leigh Bristol
  • Born in 1951

Included Titles By Ball, Donna Rochelle

Here are some other books by the author:
Written as Donna Ball
A Cry in the Woods, Pinnacle Books, 1991
Ladybug Farm Series
A Year On Ladybug Farm, Berkley Books, 2009
At Home On Ladybug Farm, Berkley Books, 2009
Love Letters From Ladybug Farm, Berkley Books, 2010
Mystery & Thriller Fiction
Exposure, Penguin Group, 1996
Just before Dawn, Signet, 1997
Dark Angel, Signet, 1998
Let's Dance, Blue Merle Publishing, 2005
Romance Fiction
Summer Masquerade, Doubleday, 1982
Winners, St. Martin's Press, 1982
The Darkest Hour, Kensington Pub. Corp., 1992
Keys to the Castle, Berkley Books, 2011

Written as Donna Boyd
Science Fiction & Fantasy Fiction
The Passion, Avon, 1998
The Promise, Avon, 1999
The Alchemist, Ballantine Books, 2002

Written as Rebecca Flanders
Romance Fiction
Prom Twice in a Lifetime, Harlequin American, 1983
A Matter of Trust, Harlequin American, 1983
Best of Friends, Harlequin American, 1983
Morning Song, Harlequin Presents, 1983
Falkone's Promise, Harlequin Presents, 1984
A Modern Girl, Harlequin Romance, 1984
Suddenly Love, Harlequin American, 1984
Gilded Heart, Harlequin American, 1984
Second Sight, Harlequin American, 1984
Desert Fire, Harlequin American, 1984
The Third Time, Harlequin American, 1984
Daydreams, Harlequin American, 1984
The Key, Harlequin Intrigue, 1984
Silver Threads, Harlequin Intrigue, 1984
Easy Access, Harlequin Intrigue, 1985
Prom Afterglow, Harlequin American, 1985
The Growing Season, Harlequin Superromance, 1985
Open Hands, Harlequin American, 1985
Rainbows and Unicorns, Harlequin American, 1985
Uncertain Images, Harlequin American, 1985
The Last Frontier, Harlequin American, 1985
Satin Fires, Harlequin, 1986
Obsessions, Harlequin, 1986
The Straight Game, Harlequin American, 1986
Minor Miracles, Harlequin American, 1986
After the Storm, Harlequin American, 1986
Painted Sunsets, Harlequin American, 1987
Search the Heavens, Harlequin Superromance, 1988
The Sensation, Harlequin American, 1990
Earthbound, Harlequin, 1990
Under the Mistletoe, Harlequin American, 1991
Once upon a Time, Harlequin American, 1992
Yesterday Comes Tomorrow, Harlequin, 1992
The Last Real Man, Harlequin American, 1993
Sunchasers, Harlequin American, 1993
Forever Always, Harlequin American, 1994
Kissed by the Sea, Harlequin American, 1994
Quinn's Way, Harlequin American, 1994
The Last Frontier, Harlequin, 1995
Heart Of The Wolf Series
Secret of the Wolf, Silhouette Shadows, 1995
Wolf in Waiting, Silhouette Shadows, 1995
Shadow of the Wolf, Silhouette Shadows, 1995

Written as Donna Carlisle
Romance Fiction
Under Cover, Silhouette Desire, 1988
A Man around the House, Silhouette Desire, 1989
Interlude, Silhouette Desire, 1989
Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Silhouette Desire, 1990
For Keeps, Silhouette Desire, 1991
The Stormriders, Silhouette Desire, 1991
Cast Adrift, Silhouette Desire, 1992
It's Only Make Believe, Silhouette Desire, 1992
Stealing Savannah, Silhouette Desire, 1994

Written as Leigh Bristol
Romance Fiction
Hearts of Fire, Warner Books, 1989
Sunswept, Warner Books, 1990
Twice Blessed, Warner Books, 1991
Angel, Warner Books, 1992
Legacy, Warner Books, 1993
Fielding Trilogy
Scarlet Sunrise, Warner Books, 1987
Amber Skies, Warner Books, 1987
Silver Twilight, Warner Books, 1987

Written as Taylor Brady
Kincaids Series
Raging Rivers, Avon, 1992
Prairie Thunder, Avon, 1993
Mountain Fury, Avon, 1993
Westward Winds, Avon, 1993

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