Drake, David

Personal Information

  • Born in 1945

Included Titles By Drake, David

Here are some other books by the author:
Science Fiction/Fantasy - Fiction
The Dragon Lord, Putnams, 1979
Time Safari, Tor, 1982
From the Heart of Darkness, Tor, 1983
Skyripper, Tor, 1983
Birds of Prey, Baen, 1984
The Forlorn Hope, Tor, 1984
Killer, Baen, 1985
Active Measures, Baen, 1985
Ranks of Bronze, Baen, 1986
Lacey and His Friends, Baen, 1986
Kill Ratio, Ace, 1987
Fortress, Tor, 1987
Dagger, Ace, 1988
The Sea Hag, Baen, 1988
Target, Ace, 1989
Explorers in Hell, Baen, 1989
Vettius and His Friends, Baen, 1989
Northworld, Ace, 1990
Surface Action, Ace, 1990
Undesired Princess and the Enchanted Bunny, Baen, 1990
The Hunter Returns, Baen, 1991
Vengeance, Ace, 1991
The Military Dimension, Baen, 1991
Old Nathan, Baen, 1991
The Jungle, Tor, 1991
Justice, Ace, 1992
Starliner, Baen, 1992
The Square Deal, Tor, 1992
King Tyrant Lizard, Tyrannosaur, Baen, 1993
Igniting the Reaches, Ace, 1994
Arc Riders, Warner, 1995
Through the Breach, Ace, 1995
The Fourth Rome, Warner, 1996
All the Way to the Gallows, Baen, 1996
Fireships, Ace, 1996
Redliners, Baen, 1996
Patriots, Tor, 1996
Grimmer Than Hell, Baen, 2003
Codex, Sidecar Preservation Society, 2003
Other Times Than Peace, Baen, 2006
Balefires, Night Shade, 2007
Crown of the Isles Trilogy
The Fortress of Glass, Tor, 2006
The Mirror of Worlds, Tor, 2007
The Gods Return, Tor, 2008
Hammer Series
Caught in the Crossfire in Chrysalis 2, Zebra Books, 1978
Hammer’s Slammers, Ace, 1979
Cross the Stars, Tor, 1984
At Any Price, Baen, 1985
Counting the Cost, Baen, 1987
Rolling Hot, Baen, 1989
The Warrior, Baen, 1991
The Sharp End, Baen, 1993
The Voyage, Tor, 1994
The Irresistable Force in The Butcher’s Bill, Baen, 1998
Paying the Piper, Baen, 2002
Isles Series
Lord of the Isles, Tor, 1997
Queen of Demons, Tor, 1998
Servant of the Dragon, Tor, 1999
Servant of the Dragon, Tor, 1999
Master of the Cauldron, Tor, 2004
RCN Series
With the Lightnings, Baen, 1998
Lt Leary, Commanding, Baen, 2000
The Far Side of the Stars, Baen, 2003
The Way to Glory, Baen, 2005
Some Golden Harbor, Baen, 2006
When the Tide Rises, Baen, 2008
In the Stormy Red Sky, Baen, 2009
What Distant Deeps, Baen, 2010
The Road of Danger, Baen, 2012
The Book of Elements Series
The Legions of Fire, Tor, 2010
Out of the Waters, Tor, 2011
Short Story Fiction
Denkirch in Travellers by Night, Arkham House, 1967
Lord of the Depths in Dark Things, 1971
Awakening in Nameless Places, Arkham House, 1975
Black Iron in Nameless Places, Arkham House, 1975
Firefight in Frights, 1976
Blood Debt in The 4th Mayflower Book of Black Magic Stories, Mayflower, 1976
The Hunting Ground in Superhorror, St. Martin's Press, 1976
From the Dark Waters in Waves of Terror, 1976
Smokie Joe in More Devil’s Kisses, Corgi, 1977
The Mantichore in Swords Against Darkness III, Zebra Books, 1978
Best of Luck in The Year’s Best Horror Stories: Series VI, DAW, 1978
The Red Leer in Whispers II, Doubleday, 1979
Than Curse the Darkness in New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, Arkham House, 1980
Goddess in Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn, Ace, 1980
King Crocodile in Whispers III, Doubleday, 1981
Boundary Layer in Time Safari, Pinnacle Books, 1982
Calibration Run in Time Safari, Pinnacle Books, 1982
Code-Name Feirefitz in Men of War II, 1983
Votary in The Face of Chaos, 1983
Out of Africa in From the Heart of Darkness, Tor, 1983
Dreams in Amber in Whispers V, Jove, 1984
The Interrogation Team in At Any Price, 1985
The Guardroom in Afterwar, 1985
The Hand of Providence in Heroes in Hell, Baen, 1986
‘Cause I Served My Time in Hell in Rebels in Hell, Baen, 1986
The Fool in Whispers VI, Doubleday, 1987
Hog in Southern Fantasy, 1987
Springs Eternal in Crusaders in Hell, Baen, 1987
Learning Curve in Angels in Hell, Baen, 1987
Liberty Port in Free Lancers, Baen, 1987
Inheritor in Aftermath, 1987
Safe to Sea in Spacefighters, Ace, 1988
Bargain in Masters in Hell, Baen, 1988
Wisdom in War in Hell, Baen, 1988
Rescue Mission in The Fleet, Ace, 1988
When the Devil Drives in Counter Attack, 1988
Exile in Prophets in Hell, 1989
The Murder of Halley’s Comet in Break Through, 1989
Team Effort in Break Through, 1989
Mom and the Kids in Sworn Allies, Ace, 1990
The End in Sworn Allies, Ace, 1990
Smash and Grab in Total War, 1990
Band of Brothers in The Far Stars War, 1990
Mission Accomplished in Crisis, 1991
The Gold in Old Nathan, Baen, 1991
The Bullhead in Old Nathan, Baen, 1991
The Way We Die in The Military Dimension, 1991
The Box in Old Nathan, Baen, 1991

N.C. Locations Associated with Drake, David

Resided in:
Chapel Hill (City/Town)
Pittsboro (City/Town)
Studied at:
Duke University