Price, Olive M.

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Anne Cherryholmes, Barbara West
  • Born in 1903

Included Titles By Price, Olive M.

Here are some other books by the author:
Children & Young Adult Fiction
A Donkey for the King, McGraw, 1945
Miracle by the Sea, McGraw, 1947
Three Golden Rivers, Bobbs-Merrill, 1948
The Valley of the Dragon, Bobbs-Merrill, 1951
The Story of Marco Polo, Grosset, 1953
The Story of Clara Barton, Grosset, 1954
The Glass Mountain, Washburn, 1954
The Blue Harbor, Washburn, 1956
The Golden Wheel, Westminster, 1958
River Boy, Westminster, 1959
Reindeer Island, Westminster, 1960
The Phantom Reindeer, Coward, 1961
Mystery of the Sunken City, Westminster, 1962
The Donkey with Diamond Ears, Coward, 1962
The Boy with One Shoe, Coward, 1963
The Dog That Watched the Mountain, Coward, 1967
Kim Walk-In-My-Shoes, Coward, 1968
Rosa Bonheur: Painter of Animals, Garrad, 1972
Theatrical Production Fiction
Lantern Light, Samuel French, 1925
The Gateway of Tomorrow, Scott Mitchell, 1929
American History in Masque and Wig for Classroom Use, Baker's Plays, 1931
Washington Marches On, U.S. Bicentennial Celebration, 1931
Plays for Young Children, U.S. Bicentennial Commission to Celebrate the Bicentennial of George Washington's Birthday, 1932
Debutante Plays for Girls Twelve to Twenty, Samuel French, 1936
Plays of Far Places, Baker's Plays, 1936
Angelica, Inc., Samuel French, 1937
Plays of Belles and Beaux, Samuel French, 1937
The Young May Moon, Samuel French, 1939
Star Eternal, Dramatists Play Service, 1939
Holiday Hill, Row, Peterson, 1940
When the Bough Breaks, Eldridge Entertainment House, 1940
Freshman Bill, Eldridge Entertainment House, 1941
Announcing Antonia, Samuel French, 1941
Ask for the Moon, Row, Peterson, 1942
Sub-Deb Sue, Dramatists Play Service, 1942
Family Tree, Row, Peterson, 1943
Out of the Mist, Eldridge Entertainment House, 1943
Magic on Main Street, Row, Peterson, 1945
Stage Struck, Row, Peterson, 1946
Rummage Scale, Row, Peterson, 1946
Sparkling Sixteen, Northwestern Press, 1947
Written as Anne Cherryholmes
The Island of the Silver Spoon, Coward, 1963
The Island of the Voyageurs, Coward, 1964
Written as Barbara West
Belles in Waiting, Row, Peterson, 1943

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