Marlette, Doug Nigel

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Here are some other books by the author:
The Emperor Has No Clothes, Graphic Press, 1976
Drawing Blood, Graphic Press, 1980
Kudzu, Ballantine, 1982
It's a Dirty Job, Willnotdee Press, 1984
Chocolate Is My Life, Peachtree Publishers, 1987
There's No Business Like Soul Business, Peachtree, 1987
Shred This Book!, Peachtree, 1988
I Am Not a Televangelist!, Longstreet, 1988
A Doublewide with a View, Longstreet, 1989
'Til Stress Do Us Part, Longstreet, 1989
In Your Face, Houghton, 1991
Faux Bubba, Times Books, 1993
Gone with the Kudzu, Rutledge Hill Press, 1995
I Feel Your Pain, Loblolly Books, 1996
Magic Time, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2006 (Sir Walter Raleigh Award recipient)
Juvenile Fiction
The Before and After Book, Houghton, 1992
Theatrical Production Fiction
Kudzu, S. French, 1999

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Hillsborough (City/Town)