Farmer, Philip José

Personal Information

  • Born in 1918

Included Titles By Farmer, Philip José

Fire and the Night, Regency, 1962
The Alley God, Ballantine, 1962
Tongues of the Moon, Pyramid Press, 1964
The Gate of Time, Belmont Books, 1966
Mother Was a Lovely Beast, Chilton, 1974, Compiler
River of Eternity, Phantasia Press, 1983
Escape from Loki, Bantam, 1991
Mystery & Thriller Fiction
Nothing Burns in Hell, Forge, 1998
Naked Came the Farmer, Mayfly Productions, 1998, Editor
Science Fiction & Fantasy Fiction
The Green Odyssey, Ballantine, 1957
A Woman a Day, Beacon Books, 1960
Flesh, Beacon Books, 1960
Strange Relations, Ballantine, 1960
The Lovers, Ballantine, 1961
Inside Outside, Ballantine, 1964
Cache from Outer Space, Ace Books, 1965
Night of Light, Berkley Publishing, 1966
Lord Tyger, Doubleday, 1970
Love Song, Brandon House, 1970
The Stone God Awakens, Ace Books, 1970
Down in the Black Gang, and Other Stories, Doubleday, 1971
The Wind Whales of Ishmael, Ace Books, 1971
Tarzan Alive, Doubleday, 1972
Time's Last Gift, Ballantine, 1972
Doc Savage, Doubleday, 1973
The Book of Philip José Farmer, Daw Books, 1973
The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, Daw Books, 1973
Ironcastle, Daw Books, 1978, et al.
Dark Is the Sun, Ballantine, 1979
Jesus on Mars, Pinnacle Books, 1979
Riverworld and Other Stories, Berkley Publishing, 1979
Lord of the Trees, Ace Books, 1980
The Mad Goblin, Ace Books, 1980
Riverworld War, Ellis Press, 1980
Father to the Stars, Pinnacle Books, 1981
The Unreasoning Mask, Putnam, 1981
A Barnstormer in Oz, Phantasia Press, 1982
Stations of the Nightmare, Tor Books, 1982
The Classic Philip José Farmer, 1952-1964, Crown, 1984
The Grand Adventure, Berkley Publishing, 1984
The Caterpillar's Question, Ace Books, 1992, et al.
Tales of Riverworld, Grand Central Publishing, 1992
Pearls From Peoria, Subterranean, 2006
The Best of Philip José Farmer, Subterranean, 2006
The City Beyond Play, PS Publishing, 2007, et al.
Up from the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories, Subterranean, 2007
The Evil in Pemberley House, Subterranean, 2009, et al.
Up the Bright River, Subterranean, 2010
Dayworld Series
Dayworld, Putnam, 1985
Dayworld Rebel, Putnam, 1987
Dayworld Breakup, Tor Books, 1989
Doc Caliban and Lord Grandrith Series
A Feast Unknown, Essex House, 1969
Lord of the Trees, Ace Books, 1970
The Mad Goblin, Ace Books, 1970
Herald Childe Series
The Image of the Beast, Ritual One, 1968
Blown, Essex House, 1969
Traitor to the Living, Ballantine, 1973
Opar Series
Hadon of Ancient Opar, Daw Books, 1974
Flight to Opar, Daw Books, 1976
Riverworld Series
To Your Scattered Bodies Go, Putnam, 1971
The Fabulous Riverboat, Putnam, 1971
The Dark Design, Berkley Publishing, 1977
The Magic Labyrinth, Berkley Publishing, 1981
The Complete Riverworld Novels, Volumes I-V, Berkley Publishing, 1982
Gods of Riverworld, Phantasia Press, 1983
Quest to Riverworld, Warner Books, 1993
The Dark Heart of Time, Del Rey, 1999
World of Tiers Series
The Maker of Universes, Ace Books, 1965
The Gates of Creation, Ace Books, 1966
A Private Cosmos, Ace Books, 1968
Behind the Walls of Terra, Ace Books, 1970
The Lavalite World, Ace Books, 1977
The World of Tiers, Volume I and II, Thomas Nelson-Doubleday, 1980
Greatheart Silver, Tor Books, 1982
The Purple Book, Tor Books, 1982
Red Orc's Rage, Tor Books, 1992
More than Fire, Tor Books, 1993

Written as Kilgore Trout
Science Fiction & Fantasy Fiction
Venus on the Half-Shell, Dell, 1975

Written as John H. Watson
Mystery & Thriller Fiction
The Adventure of the Peerless Peer, Aspen Press, 1974

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