McMeekin, Isabel McLennan

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Clark McMeekin
  • Born in 1895

Included Titles By McMeekin, Isabel McLennan

Here are some other books by the author:
Juba's New Moon, Messner, 1944
The First Book of Horses, Watts, 1949
Kentucky Derby Winner, McKay, 1949
A First Book about Babies All Around the World, Watts, 1950
Ban-Joe and Grey Eagle, Watts, 1951
The Postman’s Pony, Putnam, 1960
The Golden Glory, Duell, Sloan & Pearce, 1963
Food for Children and How to Cook It, Henry Holt, 1929
Flowers to Grow and Gather, Coward, 1936
Louisville, the Gateway City, Messner, 1946
Robert E. Lee, Knight of the South, Dodd, 1950
A Civil War Scrapbook, University of Kentucky Libraries, 1959
Melodies and Mountaineers, Stratford, 1921
The Bronze Hunter and Other Poems, Dorrance, 1935
Theatrical Production Fiction
The Goblin and the Princess, French, 1929
Thanks to Johnny Appleseed, French, 1929
Written as Clark McMeekin
Show Me a Land, Appleton, 1940
Reckon with the River, Appleton, 1941
Welcome Soldier!, Appleton, 1942
Red Raskall, Appleton, 1943
Black Moon, Appleton, 1945
Gaudy’s Ladies, Appleton, 1948
City of the Flags, Appleton, 1950
Room at the Inn, Putnam, 1953
Tyrone of Kentucky, Appleton, 1954
The October Fox, Putnam, 1956
Old Kentucky Country, Duell, Sloan & Pearce, 1957
The Fairbrothers, Putnam, 1961

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