Knight, Edgar Wallace

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Here are some other books by the author:
The Influence of Reconstruction on Education in the South, 1913
Public Education in the South, Ginn and Company, 1922
Education in the South, University of North Carolina Press, 1924
Among the Danes, University of North Carolina Press, 1927
Notes on Education, 1927
Education in the United States, Ginn, 1929
Twenty Centuries of Education, Ginn and Company, 1940
What College Presidents Say, University of North Carolina Press, 1940
Progress and Educational Perspective, Macmillan, 1942
An Essay on the Literary Institution Best Adapted to the Present Wants and Interests of Our Country, 1947
A Documentary History of Education in the South before 1860, University of North Carolina Press, 1949-1953, 5 volumes
Readings in American Educational History, Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1951
Fifty Years of American Education, Ronald Press Co., 1952
Readings in Educational Administration, Holt, 1953

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Resided in:
Chapel Hill (City/Town)
Taught at:
University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill
Studied at:
Duke University