Aiken, Ginny

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Ginny Reyes
  • Born in 1955

Included Titles By Aiken, Ginny

Here are some other books by the author:
Romance Fiction
Love Evergreen, Jove, 1993
Candy Kiss, Jove, 1996
County Fair, Jove, 1997
Crystal Memories, Jove, 1997
Dream Vacation, Tyndale, 2000
Son of the Soul, Revell, 2004
The Hunt for Home, Heartsong, 2006
Yuletide in Ireland and Wales, Barbour Pub., 2006, et al.
The Daddy Surprise, 2011
For Such a Time as This, FaithWords, 2012
Bellamy's Blossoms
Lark, Tyndale, 2000
Magnolia, Tyndale, 2000
Camellia, Tyndale, 2001
Deadly Decor Mysteries
Design on a Crime, Revell, 2005
Decorating Schemes, Revell, 2006
Interior Motives, Revell, 2006
Mob Series
Married to the Mob, Steeple Hill, 2006
Mixed Up with the Mob, Steeple Hill, 2006
Mistaken for the Mob, Steeple Hill, 2006
Shop-Til-U-Drop Series
Priced to Move, Revell, 2007
A Steal of a Deal, Revell, 2008
A Cut Above, Revell, 2008
Silver Hills Trilogy
Light of My Heart, Revell, 2004
Song of My Soul, Revell, 2004
Spring of My Love, Revell, 2005

Written as Ginny Reyes
Romance Fiction

A Faerie Tale, Jove, 1998
Addie's Knight, Jove, 1999

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Resided in:
Loganton (City/Town)