Gifford, James Noble

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Carol Holliston, Emily Noble
  • Born in 1900

Included Titles By Gifford, James Noble

Here are some other books by the author:
Welcome Back, Gramercy Publishing Co., 1938
The Golden Gate, Gramercy Publishing Co., 1939
The Theme is Love, Gramercy Publishing Co., 1941
The Bride Wore Overalls, Gramercy Publishing Co., 1944
Home Girl, Gramercy Publishing Co., 1948
Spring Dream, Arcadia House, 1948
The Old Neighborhood, Arcadia House, 1951
The Steep Hill, Arcadia House, 1953
The Big White House, Arcadia House, 1953
Grand Tour, Arcadia House, 1955
Let's Sit in the Sun, Arcadia House, 1955
Trip to the Moon, Arcadia House, 1955
A Flower in the Desert, Arcadia House, 1957

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