Faulkner, Nancy

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Anne Irvin Faulkner
  • Born in 1906

Included Titles By Faulkner, Nancy

Here are some other books by the author:
Rebel Drums, Doubleday, 1952
The West Is on Your Left Hand, Doubleday, 1953
Side Saddle for Dandy, Doubleday, 1954
Undecided Heart, Doubleday, 1957
Sword of the Winds, Doubleday, 1957
The Yellow Hat, Doubleday, 1958
Tomahawk Shadow, Doubleday, 1959
Mystery at Long Barrow House, Doubleday, 1960
Small Clown, Doubleday, 1960
The Sacred Jewel, Doubleday, 1961
A Stage for Rom, Doubleday, 1962
Traitor Queen, Doubleday, 1963
Knight Besieged, Doubleday, 1964
The Secret of the Simple Code, Doubleday, 1965
Journey to Danger, Doubleday, 1966
Mystery of the Limping Stranger, Doubleday, 1967
Small Clown and Tiger, Doubleday, 1968
Second Son, Colonial Williamsburg, Doubleday, 1969
Great Reckoning, Dutton, 1970
The Witch with the Long, Sharp Nose, Dutton, 1972
Witches Brew, Popular Library, 1973
The Jade Box, Popular Library, 1974
The Summer of the Fire Ship, Popular Library, 1976
Savannah, Popular Library, 1978

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