Bassett, John Spencer

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Here are some other books by the author:
The American Nation, Harper, 1906, et al.
The Federalist System, 1785-1801, Harper, 1906
The Life of Andrew Jackson, Doubleday, 1911
A Short History of the United States, Macmillan, 1913
The Plain Story of American History, Macmillan, 1916
The Middle Group of American Historians, Macmillan, 1917
The Lost Fruits of Waterloo, Macmillan, 1918
Our War with Germany, Knopf, 1919
A Short History of the United States, 1492-1920, Macmillan, 1921
The Westover Journal of John A. Selden, esqr., 1858-1862, Smith College Press, 1921, Editor
Correspondence of Andrew Jackson, Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1926, Editor
Expansion and Reform, 1889-1926, in Epochs of American History, Longmans, Green, 1926
The League of Nations, Longmans, Green, 1928
Makers of a New Nation, Yale University Press, 1928
The Southern Plantation Overseer as Revealed in His Letters, Negro Universities Press, 1968
Expansion and Reform, Kennikat Press, 1971

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