Barker, Benjamin

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Egbert Augustus Cowslip
  • Born in 1817

Included Titles By Barker, Benjamin

Here are some other books by the author:
Cecilia, or, The White Nun of the Wilderness, Gleason, 1845
Ellen Grafton, the Lily of Lexington, or, The Bride of Liberty, Gleason, 1845
Emily Elwood, or, The Hermit of the Crags, Gleason, 1845
Francisco, or, The Pirate of the Pacific, Gleason, 1845
Mary Moreland, or, The Fortunes and Misfortunes of an Orphan, Gleason, 1845
Zoraida, or, The Witch of Naumkeag, Gleason, 1845
Clarilda, or, The Female Pickpocket, Gleason, 1846
The Dwarf of the Channel, or, The Commodore's Daughter, Gleason, 1846
The Female Spy, or, The Child of the Brigade, Gleason, 1846
The Gold Hunters, or, The Spectre of the Sea King, Gleason, 1846
Mornilva, or, The Outlaw of the Forest, United States Publishing Company, 1846
The Nymph of the Ocean, or, The Pirate's Betrothal, United States Publishing Company, 1846
The Suicide Restored, or, Mystery Unravelled, Gleason, 1846
The Widow's Bridal, or, The Signal Light of the Sands, Gleason, 1846
Coriilia, or, The Indian Enchantress, Flag of Our Union, 1847
The Indian Bucanier, or, The Trapper's Daughter, Gleason, 1847
The Land Pirate, or, The Wild Girl of the Beach, Gleason, 1847
The Pirate Queen, or, The Magician of the Sea, Flag of Our Union, 1847
The Sea Serpent, or, The Queen of the Coral Cave, Gleason, 1847
The Bandit of the Ocean, or, The Female Privateer, R.M. Dewitt, 1855

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Manuscript Location:
East Carolina University