Wieners, John Joseph

Personal Information

  • Born in 1934

Included Titles By Wieners, John Joseph

Here are some other books by the author:
The Hotel Wentley Poems, Auerhahn, 1958
Ace of Pentacles, Carr, 1964
Chinoiserie, Dave Haselwood, 1965
You Talk of Going But Don't Even Have a Suitcase, Spoleto, 1965
Hart Crane, Harry Crosby, I See You Going over the Edge, Artists' Workshop, 1966
King Solomon's Magnetic Quiz, Kriya, 1967
Pressed Wafer, Gallery Upstairs, 1967
L'Abysse, Minkoff, 1968
Idyll, Unicorn Press, 1968
A Letter to Charles Olson, Charters, 1968
Long Distance, Perishable, 1968
On Looking in the Mirror, Brownstone, 1968
Selected Poems, Cape, 1968
To Do, Stony Brook Poetics Foundation, 1968
Unhired, Perishable, 1968
Asylum Poems, Angel Hair, 1969
Invitation, Unicorn Press, 1970
Nerves, Cape Goliard, 1970
Youth, Phoenix, 1970
Larders, Restau, 1970
Reading in Bed, White Rabbit, 1970
The Lanterns along the Wall, Other Publications, 1972
Playboy, Good Gay Poets, 1972
Selected Poems, Grossman, 1972
Woman, Institute of Further Studies, 1972
God Is the Organ of Novelty, Pomegranate, 1973
We Were There!, Athanor, 1973
Yes, Youth Are Marching On Against the World, Middle Earth, 1973
Behind the State Capitol, or, Cincinnati Pike, Good Gay Poets, 1975
Collected Poems 1958-1984, Black Sparrow, 1986
Cultural Affairs in Boston, Black Sparrow, 1988
Theatrical Productions
Still-Life, 1961
Of Asphodel, in Hell's Despite, 1963
Anklesox and Five Shoelaces, 1966
Conjugal Contraries and Quart, Hanuman, 1986
The Journal of John Wieners Is to Be Called 707 Scott Street for Billie Holiday, 1959, Sun and Moon Press, 1996

N.C. Locations Associated with Wieners, John Joseph

Resided in:
Buncombe (County)
Studied at:
Black Mountain College