Moore, Bertha Belle

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Brenda Cannon, Betsy McCurry, Bertha B. McCurry
  • Born in 1890

Included Titles By Moore, Bertha Belle

Here are some other books by the author:
Aunt Lucinda, Eerdmans, 1930
Joyous Judy, Eerdmans, 1936
Tomorrow Begins Today, Eerdmans, 1938
Mary Sunshine, Eerdmans, 1939
Never Forgotten, Eerdmans, 1940
One Horse Year, Eerdmans, 1940
One More Year, Eerdmans, 1940
Listen, the Bells, Eerdmans, 1941
The Time of Their Coming, Eerdmans, 1943
One Master, Eerdmans, 1944
A New Song, Eerdmans, 1946

N.C. Locations Associated with Moore, Bertha Belle

Resided in:
Rutherford (County)