Ruark, Gibbons

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Here are some other books by the author:
A Program for Survival, University Press of Virginia, 1971
Reeds, Texas Tech Press, 1978
To the Nuthatches, Palaemon, 1981
Keeping Company, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1983
Small Rain, Center for Edition Works, 1984
Forms of Retrieval, Kutztown University Press, 1989
Rescue the Perishing, Louisiana State University Press, 1991
Passing Through Customs, Louisiana State University Press, 1999
Staying Blue, Lost Hills Books, 2008

N.C. Locations Associated with Ruark, Gibbons

Resided in:
Chapel Hill (City/Town)
Hoke (County)
Weldon (City/Town)
Taught at:
University of North Carolina -Greensboro
Studied at:
University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill