Stokes, Penelope J.

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Here are some other books by the author:
Turner's Crossroads, LifeJourney, 1993
Home Fires Burning, Tyndale, 1996
Remembering You, Tyndale, 1997
Till We Meet Again, Tyndale, 1997
The Amethyst Heart, Word Publishing, 2000
The Amber Photograph, Word Publishing, 2001
The Treasure Box, Word Publishing, 2002
The Wishing Jar, Word Publishing, 2002
Circle of Grace, Doubleday, 2004
Delta Belles, Doubleday, 2006
Power through Prayer, World Wide Publications, 1989, Editor
Grace under Pressure, NavPress, 1990
Essentials of Quality Fiction, SilverFire, 1994
Faith: The Substance of Things Unseen, Tyndale, 1995
The Complete Guide to Writing and Selling the Christian Novel, Writer's Digest, 1998
Beside a Quiet Stream: Words of Hope for Weary Hearts, J. Countryman, 1999
Thanks Dad!: Lessons from the Lake--On Living and Loving, J. Countryman, 2000

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