Strunk, Jr., Orlo C.

Personal Information

Nick Name
O.C. Strunk
  • Born in 1925

Included Titles By Strunk, Jr., Orlo C.

Here are some other books by the author:
Three-Two Count, PublishAmerica, 2005
The Geriatric Murders, PublishAmerica, 2010
The Forerun Winter, PublishAmerica, 2010
Religion: A Psychological Interpretation, Abindgon, 1962
Mature Religion, Abindgon, 1965
The Choice Called Atheism, Abindgon, 1968
The Psychology of Religion, Abindgon, 1971
The Secret Self, Abindgon, 1976
Privacy, University Press of America, 1982
Special Visions, iUniverse, Inc., 2007
The Intelligentsia Connection, PublishAmerica, 2011

N.C. Locations Associated with Strunk, Jr., Orlo C.

Resided in:
Calabash (City/Town)