Turner, Robert Harry

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Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Eric Calhoun, Mercer B. Cook, K.K. Klein, Steve Lawson, Parker Lee, Ken Murray, Lisa Roberts, Romano
  • Born in 1915

Included Titles By Turner, Robert Harry

Here are some other books by the author:
Pulp Fiction, Quality House, 1948
She Devil, Rainbow Press, 1952
Feud in Piney Flats, Ace Books, 1953
Hellion's Hole, Ace Books, 1953
The Girl in the Cop's Pocket, Ace Books, 1956
The Lonely Man, Avon, 1957
Wagonmaster, Pocket Books, 1958
The Scout, Pocket Books, 1958
Wagons West, Pocket Books, 1958
Gunsmoke, Whitman, 1958
The Night Is for Screaming, Pyramid, 1960
Cheater, Beacon, 1961
Woman Chaser, Beacon, 1962
Strange Sisters, Beacon, 1962
A Dream to Share, Lancer, 1965
Teen Age Runaways, Viceroy, 1967
Sex and the Southern Girl, Viceroy, 1967
Lollypop, All Star Books, 1967
Pretty Thing, Olympia, 1968
Sex of Angels, Olympia, 1969
Shroud 9, Powell, 1970
Some of My Best Friends Are Writers but I Wouldn't Want My Daughter to Marry One, Sherbourne, 1970
Mafia: Operation Porno, Pyramid, 1973
Mafia: Operation Hit Man, Pyramid, 1974
Mafia: Operation Cocaine, Pyramid, 1974
Scorpio, Pyramid, 1976
The Golden Hoard, Pinnacle, 1977

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