Turtledove, Harry

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Eric G. Iverson, Mark Gordian, Harry Turtletaub
  • Born in 1949

Included Titles By Turtledove, Harry

Here are some other books by the author:
Science Fiction
Wereblood, Belmont, 1979
Werenight, Belmont, 1979
The Misplaced Legion, Del Rey, 1987
An Emperor for the Legion, Del Ray, 1987
The Legion of Videssos, Del Ray, 1987
Swords of the Legion, Del Ray, 1987
Krispos Rising, Del Ray, 1991
Krispos of Videssos, Del Ray, 1991
The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump, Baen, 1993
Krispos the Emperor, Del Ray, 1994
Prince of the North, Baen, 1994
Other Fiction
Agent of Byzantium, Congdon and Weed, 1987
Noninterference, Del Ray, 1988
The Pugnacious Peacekeeper, Tor, 1990
A World of Difference, Del Ray, 1991
Earthgrip, Del Ray, 1991
Worldwar: In the Balance, Del Ray, 1994
Worldwar: Tilting the Balance, Del Ray, 1995
Short Stories
Kaleidoscope, Del Ray, 1990
Departures, Del Ray, 1993

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