Lisle, Holly

Personal Information

  • Born in 1960

Included Titles By Lisle, Holly

Here are some other books by the author:
Fire in the Mist, Baen, 1992
Bones of the Past, Baen, 1993
Minerva Wakes, Baen, 1993
When the Bough Breaks, Baen, 1993
The Rose Sea, Baen, 1994
Mall, Mayhem, and Magic, Baen, 1995
Mind of the Magic, Baen, 1995
The Devil and Dan Cooley, Baen, 1996
Glenraven, Baen, 1996
Sympathy for the Devil, Baen, 1996
Thunder of the Captains, Baen, 1996
Hell on High, Baen, 1997
Hunting the Corrigan's Blood, Baen, 1997
Wrath of the Princes, Baen, 1997
Curse of the Black Heron, Baen, 1998
Diplomacy of Wolves, Warner Aspect, 1998
In the Rift, Baen, 1998
Vengeance of Dragons, Warner Aspect, 1999
Courage of Falcons, Warner Aspect, 2000
Vincalis the Agitator, Warner Aspect, 2001
The Wreck of Heaven, Eos, 2003
Gods Old and Dark, Eos, 2004
Midnight Rain, Onyx, 2004
Last Girl Dancing, Onyx, 2005
Talyn, Tor, 2005
I See You, Onyx, 2006
Night Echoes, Signet, 2007
Hawkspar, Tor, 2008
The Ruby Key, Orchard, 2008
The Silver Door, Orchard, 2009

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