Mayr, Ilsa

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Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Elise Mayr

Included Titles By Mayr, Ilsa

Here are some other books by the author:
The Widow, Avalon, 2011
Mystery & Thriller Fiction
Maelstom, Avalon, 2009
Cybil Quint Mystery Series
A Timely Alibi, Avalon, 2004
Banker's Alibi, Avalon, 2007
Alibis for a Cold Winter's Night, Avalon, 2008
Alibis and Lies, Avalon, 2010
Romance Fiction
Gift of Fortune, Avalon, 2004
Portrait of Eliza, Avalon, 2006
Serenade, Avalon, 2007
Summer Flames, Avalon, 2007
Written as Elise Mayr
Romance Fiction
Love's Memories, Pageant Romance, 1988
Lisa Darby's Return, Precious Gem Romance, 2000
Rancher's Redemption, Precious Gem Romance, 2000

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