Hooper, Kay

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Kay Robbins
  • Born in 1958

Included Titles By Hooper, Kay

Here are some other works by the author:
Lady Thief, Dell, 1981
Breathless Summer, Dell, 1982
Breathless Surrender, Dell, 1982
Mask of Passion, Dell, 1982
On Wings of Magic, Dell, 1983
CJ's Fate, Bantam, 1984
If There Be Dragons, Bantam, 1984
Pepper's Way, Bantam, 1984
Something Different, Bantam, 1984
Illegal Possession, Bantam, 1985
Larger than Life, Bantam, 1986
Rafe, Bantam, 1986
Rebel Waltz, Bantam, 1986
Time after Time, Bantam, 1986
Adelaide, Bantam, 1987
Matilda, the Adventuress, Bantam, 1987, et al.
Sydney, the Temptress, Bantam, 1987
Copper Fire, Bantam, 1988, et al.
Golden Flame, Bantam, 1988, et al.
Summer of the Unicorn, Bantam, 1988
Velvet Lightning, Bantam, 1988
Enemy Mine, Silhouette, 1989
What Dreams May Come, Loveswept, 1990
Crime of Passion, Avon, 1991
The Haviland Touch, Jove, 1991
Holiday Spirit, Avon, 1991
House of Cards, Avon, 1991
The Delaney Christmas Carol, Doubleday, 1992, et al.
The Wizard of Seattle, Bantam, 1993
The Haunting of Josie, Loveswept, 1994
Masquerade, Jove, 1994
After Caroline, Bantam, 1996
Finding Laura, Bantam, 1997
Haunting Rachel, Bantam, 1998
Enchanted, Berkley Books, 2003
Elusive, Berkley Books, 2004
Lady Thief, Berkley Sensation, 2004
The Real Thing, Berkley Sensation, 2004
Girls of Love, Avon, 2006
Golden Threads, Bantam, 2006
Bishop Series
Hiding in the Shadows, Bantam, 2000
Out of the Shadows, Bantam, 2000
Touching Evil, Bantam, 2001
Whisper of Evil, Bantam, 2002
Sense of Evil, Bantam, 2003
Chill of Fear, Bantam, 2005
Sleeping with Fear, Bantam, 2006
Blood Dreams, Bantam, 2007
Blood Ties, Bantam, 2010
Hagen Series
In Serena's Web, Bantam, 1987
Raven on the Wing, Bantam, 1987
Zach's Law, Bantam, 1987
Rafferty's Wife, Bantam, 1987
The Fall of Lucas Kendrick, Bantam, 1988
Unmasking Kelsey, Bantam, 1988
Outlaw Derek, Bantam, 1988
Shades of Gray, Bantam, 1988
Captain's Paradise, Bantam, 1988
It Takes a Thief, Bantam, 1989
Aces High, Bantam, 1989
Men of Mysteries Past Series
All for Quinn, Harlequin, 1993
The Trouble with Jared, Harlequin, 1993
Hunting the Wolfe, Bantam, 1993
The Touch of Max, Bantam, 1993
Once Upon a Time Series
The Glass Shoe, Doubleday, 1989
Golden Threads, Loveswept, 1989
Star-Crossed Lovers, Doubleday, 1990
The Lady and the Lion, Loveswept, 1990
Through the Looking Glass, Loveswept, 1990
The Matchmaker, Doubleday, 1991
Quinn/Thief Series
Once a Thief, Bantam, 2002
Always a Thief, Bantam, 2003

Written as Kay Robbins
Return Engagement, Jove 1982
Taken by Storm, Jove, 1983
Elusive Dawn, Jove, 1983
Kissed by Magic, Jove, 1983
Moonlight Rhapsody, Jove, 1984
Eye of the Beholder, Jove, 1985
Belonging to Taylor, Jove, 1986
On Her Doorstep, Jove, 1986

N.C. Locations Associated with Hooper, Kay

Resided in:
Bostic (City/Town)
Studied at:
Isothermal Community College