Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin

Personal Information

  • Born in 1875

Included Titles By Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin

Here are some other books by the author:
Children’s Poetry
Stories and Rhymes for a Child, Bradley, 1909
Songs of Happiness, Bradley, 1912
A Christmas Party, Pantheon, 1975
The Peter Newell Mother Goose, Holt, 1905
For the Children's Hour, M. Bradley, 1906, Co-editor
The Jingle Primer, American Book Company, 1906, et al.
Firelight Stories, M. Bradley, 1907
Stories and Rhymes for a Child, M. Bradley, 1909
Girls' Make-at-Home Things, F. A. Stokes, 1912
Boys' Make-at-Home Things, F. A. Stokes, 1912
For the Story Teller, M. Bradley, 1913
The Children's Book of Games and Parties, M. A. Donohue, 1913
Every Child's Folk Songs and Games, M. Bradley, 1914
Stories for Sunday Telling, Pilgrim Press, 1916
Stories Children Need, M. Bradley, 1916, Editor
For the Children's Hour, Volumes I and II, M. Bradley, 1916
Stories for Any Day, Pilgrim Press, 1917
Boys and Girls of Colonial Days, A. Flanagan, 1917
What to Do for Uncle Sam, A. Flanagan, 1918
Stories for Every Holiday, Abingdon Press, 1918
Tell Me Another Story, M. Bradley, 1918, Editor
Once upon a Time Animal Stories, M. Bradley, 1918
The Outdoor Story Book, Pilgrim Press, 1918
Stories of Great Adventures, M. Bradley, 1919, Adaptation
Folk Stories and Fables, M. Bradley, 1919
Hero Stories, M. Bradley, 1919
Broad Stripes and Bright Stars, M. Bradley, 1919
Everyday Stories, M. Bradley, 1919
The Enchanted Bugle and Other Stories, F. A. Owen, 1920
Wonder Stories M. Bradley, 1920
Merry Tales for Children, M. Bradley, 1921, Editor
The Torch of Courage and Other Stories, M. Bradley, 1921
Flint, M. Bradley, 1922
Friendly Tales, M. Bradley, 1923
Bailey's In and Outdoor Play-Games, A. Whitman, 1923
When Grandfather Was a Boy, Pilgrim Press, 1923
Reading Time Stories, A. Whitman, 1923
Boys and Girls of Pioneer Days from Washington to Lincoln, A. Flanagan, 1924
Little Men and Women Stories, A. Whitman, 1924
Lincoln Time Stories, A. Whitman, 1924
In the Animal World, M. Bradley, 1924, Editor
All the Year Play Games, A. Whitman, 1924
The Wonderful Days, 1925
The Wonderful Tree and Golden Day Stories, A. Whitman, 1925
Boys and Girls of Discover Days, A. Flanagan, 1926
The Wonderful Window and Other Stories, Cokesbury Press, 1926
Untold History Stories, F. A. Owen, 1927
In Nature's Fairyland, F. A. Owen, 1927
Forest, Field, and Stream Stories, A. Flanagan, 1928
Sixty Games and Pastimes for all Occasions, A. Whitman, 1928
Boys and Girls of Today: A First Book of Citizenship, A. Flanagan, 1928
Read Aloud Stories, M. Bradley, 1929
Boys and Girls of Modern Days, A. Flanagan, 1929
Garden, Orchard, and Meadow Stories, A. Flanagan, 1929
Plays for the Children's Hour, M. Bradley, 1931
Stories Children Want, M. Bradley, 1931, Editor
Schoolroom Playns and Projects, M. Bradley, 1932, Editor
The Story-Telling Hour, Dodd, 1934, Editor
Our Friends at the Zoo, McLoughlin, 1934, et al.
Tell Me a Birthday Story, F. A. Stokes, 1935
Children of the Handcrafts, Viking Press, 1935
Tops and Whistles: True Stories of Early American Toys and Children, Viking Press, 1937
From Moccasins to Wings: Stories of Our Travel Ways, M. Bradley, 1938
Li'l' Hannibal, Platt & Munk, 1938
Homespun Playdays, Viking Press, 1941
Country-Stop, Viking Press, 1942
Pioneer Art in America, Viking Press, 1944 • The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings, Platt & Munk, 1945
Miss Hickory, Viking Press, 1946
Merry Christmas Book, A. Whitman, 1948
Old Man Rabbit's Dinner Party, Platt & Munk, 1949
Enchanted Village, Viking Press, 1950
A Candle for Your Cake, Lippincott, 1952
Finnegan II, His Nine Lives, Viking Press, 1953
The Little Red Schoolhouse, Viking Press, 1957
Flickertail, H. Z. Walck, 1962
Children’s Theatrical Production Fiction
This Way to Animal Land, with Ditzy Baker, Saalfield, 1936
Daily Program of Gift and Occupation Work, M. Bradley, 1904, et al.
For the Story-Teller: Story Telling and Stories to Tell, M. Bradley, 1913
Montessori Children, Holt, 1915
Letting in the Gang, 1916
Everyday Play for Children, M. A. Donohue, 1916
The Way of the Gate, Macmillan, 1917, et al.
Sketches along Life's Road, Stratford, 1930, Editor
Plays for the Children's Hour, Bradley, 1931

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Resided in:
Mountains (Region)