Colver, Alice Ross

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Mary Randall, Alice Mary Ross Colver, Alice Ross Colver, Alice Mary Ross
  • Born in 1892

Included Titles By Colver, Alice Ross

Here are some other books by the author:
The Long Ago Years Stories, Henry Altemus, 1917
The Wish Fairy of the Sunshine and Shadow Forest, Henry Altemus, 1917
The Wish Fairy and Dewy Dear, Henry Altemus, 1917
Babs, Penn Publishing, 1918
Babs at Birchwood, Penn Publishing, 1919
Babs at College, Penn Publishing, 1919
Babs at Home, Penn Publishing, 1920
Jeanne, Penn Publishing, 1920
Jeanne's Houseparty, Penn Publishing, 1921
Jeanne's Happy Year, Penn Publishing, 1922
Jeanne at Rainbow Lodge, Penn Publishing, 1923
The Dear Pretender, Penn Publishing, 1924
If Dreams Come True, Penn Publishing, 1925
Under the Rainbow Sky, Penn Publishing, 1926
The Lookout Girl, Penn Publishing, 1928
The Dimmest Dream, Penn Publishing, 1929
The Redheaded Goddess, Dodd, 1929
Hilltop House, Dodd, 1930
Windymere, Dodd, 1931
Modern Madonna, Dodd, 1932
Passionate Puritan, Dodd, 1933
Three Loves, Dodd, 1934
Wild Song, Dodd, 1935
I Have Been Little Too Long, Dodd, 1935
Strangers at Sea, Dodd, 1936
Substitute Lover, Dodd, 1936
Only Let Me Live, Dodd, 1937
One Year of Love, Dodd, 1937
Adventure for a Song, Dodd, 1938
Adventure in the West, Dodd, 1939
Where the Heart Goes, Dodd, 1939
When There is Love, Macrae, 1940
Adventure on a Hilltop, Dodd, 1941
Not Just to Remember, Macrae, 1941
There's Only One, Macrae, 1941
The Heart Does Not Forget, Macrae, 1941
Forever Is So Long, Macrae, 1942
Joan Foster, Freshman, Dodd, 1942
The Merrivales, Macrae, 1943
Fourways, Macrae, 1944
Homecoming, Macrae, 1945
Uncertain Heart, Macrae, 1946
Three Loves Are Mine, Macrae, 1946
Joan Foster, Sophomore, Dodd, 1948
Joan, Freelance Writer, Messner, 1948
Joan Foster, Junior, Dodd, 1949
Kingsridge, Macrae, 1949
Joan Foster, Senior, Dodd, 1950
Joan Foster in Europe, Dodd, 1951
The Parson, Macrae, 1951
Joan Foster, Bride, Dodd, 1952
The Measure of the Years, Dodd, 1954
Janet Moore, Physical Therapist, Dodd, 1965
Vicky Barnes, Junior Hospital Volunteer, Dodd, 1966
Sally, Star Patient, Dodd, 1968
Say Yes to Life, Dodd, 1968
Call If You Need Me, Revell, 1977
If You Should Want to Write, Dodd, 1939
Dream Within Her Hand, Macrae Smith Company, 1940

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Resided in:
Hendersonville (City/Town)