Smith, Deborah

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Leigh Bridger, Jackie Leigh, Jacquelyn Lennox
  • Born in 1955

Included Titles By Smith, Deborah

Here are some other books by the author:
Miracle, Bantam, 1991
Blue Willow, Bantam, 1993
Silk and Stone, Bantam, 1994
A Place to Call Home, Bantam, 1997
When Venus Fell, Bantam, 1998
On Bear Mountain, Little, Brown, 2000
Sweet Hush, Little, Brown, 2003
Charming Grace, Little, Brown, 2004
A Gentle Rain, BelleBooks, 2007
The Mossy Creek Hometown Series
Reunion at Mossy Creek, BelleBooks, 2002, Editor
Summer in Mossy Creek , BelleBooks, 2003, Editor
Blessings of Mossy Creek, BelleBooks, 2004, Editor
A Day in Mossy Creek, BelleBooks, 2006, Editor
At Home in Mossy Creek, BelleBooks, 2007, Editor
The Sweet Tea Series
Sweet Tea and Jesus Shoes, BelleBooks, 2000 Editor
More Sweet Tea, BelleBooks, 2005, Editor
On Grandma's Porch, BelleBooks, 2007, Editor
Romance Fiction
California Royale, Bantam, 1988
Caught by Surprise, Bantam, 1988
Hold on Tight, Bantam, 1988
Jed's Sweet Revenge, Bantam, 1988
Hot Touch, Doubleday, 1989
Never Let Go, Bantam, 1989
Honey and Smoke, Bantam, 1990
Legends, Bantam, 1990
Sara's Surprise, Bantam, 1990
Silver Fox and the Red-Hot Dove, Doubleday, 1990
Heart of the Dragon, Bantam, 1991
Stranger in Camelot, Bantam, 1991
The Beloved Woman, Bantam, 1991
The Cherokee Trilogy
Sundance and the Princess, Bantam, 1989
Tempting the Wolf, Bantam, 1989
Kat’s Tale, Bantam, 1989
Science Fiction & Fantasy Fiction
Waterlilies Series
Alice at Heart, BelleBooks, 2002
Diary of a Radical Mermaid, BelleBooks, 2004

Written as Jackie Leigh
Romance Fiction
Proud Surrender, Berkley, 1986
A Sweet-Talkin’ Man, Berkley, 1987
Angel on My Shoulder Berkley, 1987
Cupid’s Verdict, Berkley, 1987
No Holds Barred Berkley, 1987
Young at Heart Berkley, 1987

Written as Jacquelyn Lennox
Romance Fiction
Force of Habit, Silhouette Desire, 1988

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