Kjelgaard, James Arthur

Personal Information

Pseudonym/ Also Know As
Jim Kjelgaard
  • Born in 1910

Included Titles By Kjelgaard, James Arthur

Here are some other books by the author:
Children’s Fiction
Forest Patrol, Holiday House, 1941
Big Red, Holiday House, 1945
Snow Dog, Holiday House, 1948
Kalak of the Ice, Holiday House, 1949
A Nose for Trouble, Holiday House, 1949
Wild Trek, Holiday House, 1950
Chip, the Dam Builder, Holiday House, 1950
Irish Red, Son of Big Red, Holiday House, 1951
Fire-Hunter, Holiday House, 1951
Trailing Trouble, Holiday House, 1952
Outlaw Red, Son of Big Red, Holiday House, 1953
The Spell of the White Sturgeon, Dodd, 1953
Haunt Fox, Holiday House, 1954
Cracker Barrel Trouble Shooter, Dodd, 1954
Lion Hound, Holiday House, 1955
The Lost Wagon, Dodd, 1955
Desert Dog, Holiday House, 1956
Trading Jeff and His Dog, Dodd, 1956
Wildlife Cameraman, Holiday House, 1957
Double Challenge, Dodd, 1957
We Were There at the Oklahoma Land Run, Grosset, 1957
Wolf Brother, Holiday House, 1957
Swamp Cat, Dodd, 1957
The Wild Horse Roundup, Dodd, 1957, Editor
Rescue Dog of the High Pass, Dodd, 1958
Hound Dogs and Other Yarns, Dodd, 1958, Editor
The Land Is Bright, Dodd, 1958
The Black Fawn, Dodd, 1958
Hi Jolly, Dodd, 1959
Stormy, Holiday House, 1959
Ulysses and His Woodland Zoo, Dodd, 1960
Boomerang Hunter, Holiday House, 1960
The Duck-Footed Hound, Crowell, 1960
Tigre, Dodd, 1961
My Father's Collie, Dodd, 1961
Hidden Trail, Holiday House, 1962
Fawn in the Forest, and Other Wild Animal Stories, Dodd, 1962
Two Dogs and a Horse, Dodd, 1964
Furious Moose of the Wilderness, Dodd, 1965
Dave and His Dog, Mulligan, Dodd, 1966
Coyote Song, Dodd, 1969
Children’s Non-Fiction
The Explorations of Pere Marquette, Random House, 1951
The Coming of the Mormons, Random House, 1953
The Story of Geronimo, Grosset, 1958

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