Hazelgrove, William Elliott

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Here are some other books by the author!:
Ripples, Pantonne Press, 1992
Tobacco Sticks, Bantam, 1997
Mica Highways, Rosebud, 1998
Rocket Man, Pantonne Press, 2008
Real Santa, Koehler Books, 2014
The Pitcher 2, Koehler Books, 2015
The Bad Author, Black Rose Writing, 2015
Jack Pine, Koehler Books, 2015
My Best Year, Koehler Books, 2016
Bottom of the Ninth, Koehler Books, 2016
Madam President, Simon and Schuster, 2016
Forging a President, Simon and Schuster, 2017
Al Capone and the 1933 World's Fair, Rowman & Littlefield, 2017
Shots Fired in Terminal 2, Prometheus Books, 2018

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